Help with Anthem D2

Was wondering if anyone out there can assist me in getting my Anthem D2 up and running. I have been trying to hook up my satelite via HDMI to HDMI1 and out to my TV through HDMI out. Can't make it work. On start up the display is showing "Sat1 Digital Main" which I assume is correct. No picture!

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
Did you go through the setup menu and assign the ports properly?

I don't remember what the defaults are, or if you bought yours used, but try going into the setup menu and assigning the video and it should work, the D2 is pretty straight forward to set up.

BTW If you don't have the ARC with yours, call Anthem with the serial # and give them the $399, it is a huge plus for the pre/pro!!!
On the SAT input selection screen, you need to set the video/input source to HDMI and when you power it up press the SAT button on the unit or remote. You can actually assign most any of the inputs to use for your SAT connection as long as you set it up properly in the audio and video sections under input source set-up.

Like the other poster said, the manual is well written and straighforward. If you still are having problems go to the Anthem site and the tech support section and send them an email. They respond the same day most times.

I have the D1 and you do have to read through the manual to understand all the options and flexibility you have.
Thanks for your responses. I have gone through setup for source and video adjustments but still nothing. I will call Anthem on Monday. Kennyt, I ordered the ARC from a local dealer 2 months ago but still have not rec'd. I will also order this on Monday.
If you have a DVD player (or another source) with HDMI, interchange that connection with your Sat box and check if you still are able to see images on TV thru D2. Also try to use another HDMI input and check.
I only have a avm 30, but my guess is to go into the source menu, and adjust the video input selections for each selected source(sat,dvd,cd,vcr,etc). Then there should be a place hdmi out that shouldnt be hard to find.