Help with an open circuit Quintet Black

Due to mis-handling of a nuded  Quintet Black, it is now open circuit in one channel.  It has only about 30-50 hours up. There is an exchange programme that will give me 25% off a replace-wth-like-for-like . I’d rather get this one repaired if it is at all viable.  No, I will not put in an insurance claim on this. 
Ok, who does this sort of micro surgery?
I’m looking at my options, and would stretch to a new Rega Ania, if push comes to shove , and it’s just too expensive. The Quintet black , like my (sold in a bout of stupidity)  DV20X2 , is the sweet point for me.
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Needle Clinic in Bellvue, Washington.  I week turn around time and very reasonable prices.  Andy is one of audios good guys.
Thanks for your input. I was looking to alternatives to Soundsmith simply on the basis I hear turnaround times are on the long side. I’m keen to follow up on ay leads.