Help with an integrated amp for Joseph Audio Rm25xl's

My trusted Plinius 8200MkII (which I bought on A'gon used)  finally hit the dust and I need a new integrated amp for the Josephs.  I have a Tube DAC in the system so I don't think I "need" a tubed integrated amp.  My budget is about $1,750. Any help would be much appreciated
new or used

You are only teasing yourself with the tube DAC.You simply haven't experienced what tubes really bring to music playback until you go tube amplification!!!
Your speakers have an easy 8 ohm impedance,with a min.of 7 ohms & a min.recommended power input of only you can get into a SERIOUSLY good amp in your budget range.I would look at the Ming Da MC368-B902"Piccolo",the iFi Audio "Retro Stereo 50"(my personal amp) or Yaqin "MS-30L"(IMO the worlds BEST remote control)with NOS 6AK5 tubes in the front, some ReIssue EL34's in back & running in Triode Mode...If you have a BIG room go with a Class A Push Pull(like the MS-30L)or one of the new Triode Strapped KT120 amps.ANY of these amps will put you into a completely different realm of music playback...
Had the opportunity to listen to the same Joseph's with the Manley Stingray a few years ago, for about a month? Sounded very good in full power, but a little lite in triode mode, at 18 watts per channel, in an 15 x 20 room with 10' ceilings. 

I would say 30 watts per channel would be the lowest I would go, unless your room is smaller.

I also used a Bel Canto Integrated at around 300 wpc. It could get a little aggressive in the highs, but very good bass and midrange, with that speaker.

Good Luck!
Thanks so much for the feedback about these integrated amps. I have ave some homework to do.  I would love to hear from anyone else who has experience with JA speakers. 

Hi guys...would 22wpc tube be sufficient? 10 x 14 x 10. Acoustic jazz instrumental and vocals. Non demanding.  Moderate listening levels. Thanks
Great speakers.  I’d strongly consider a PrimaLuna Prologue Premium. It’s a tubed integrated that generates 35-40 Wpc (tube dependent) that should be enough, and I’d think its strengths would match extremely well with JA speakers -- much like your Plinius. There’s one for sale here now a little over your price but may be negotiable.

Solid state I’d look at a used Hegel H100 or stretch for a used H200. Best of luck.

Just to provoke some thought. For $1,750.00 you may be able (or come close) to get a better value vs. sound by looking for used separates. Example; Primaluna P3 and P5 sounds pretty good with stock tubes, really steps up to the plate with NOS signal, phase, driver tubes. As money/time permits upgraded fuses and power cord make a big difference.
pc123B,22wpc will be more than enough power in your size room with your listening preferences.My room is about the same size as yours & I have run my Excite X14's with undistorted,wall shaking levels..Also a small bit of acoustic treatment will allow the system to really open up.You will gain tangible depth & width in the sound stage & images will sharpen up as the signal is less distorted in time & phase from early/floor reflections.