Help with amp upgrade

I recently purchased a pair of used Coincident Total Victory IV Loudspeakers. I am using a pair Cyber 211 amps but I would like more weight to music and I think I need more power to make the speakers more dynamic.
I would like to purchase used amps for $4k or less.
I would like recommendations from people that own or have listened to the Victory IV speakers.
Your speakers are rated at 95db. at 1 m./1 w. , a fairly flat 10 ohms of impedence and a rather benign crossover. I would think that 16 watts/channel would be enough to drive them effectivly .

I have been investigating a change of my speakers to something in the Coincident line partially due to their purported ease of drivability .

It disturbs me to hear that you think they need more power to operate at full potential . I will be following this thread closely .

Good luck.
Don't get me wrong I like the speakers, people that listen to my system love it !
I listened to my 211 amps with a pair of Fostex 208 drivers and the drivers came alive with the 16 watts. I know my speakers will never be as quick or dynamic as the Fostex drivers but I like would like to have the speakers as quick and dynamic as possible with a little more weight.
I'm still dialing in the speakers, bought them 5 weeks back. I like the speakers and don't regret getting them . They can play any type of music and sound very good. Low level detail is good and the woofers blend in verrrrry good.
I've yet to play a cd or record that didn't sound good.
What about a 6C33 based amp in the 35-50 watt range?
Thank you for the suggestion, I was hoping to hear from owners of total Victory IV Loudspeakers to find out what their favorite amp is.
I read somewhere that someone really liked the Canary ca-330 . I was also wondering how the Coincident Frankenstein II amp sounds.