Help with amp selection

I�m going to be adding a 5-channel amp to my Denon 3803 receiver. The speakers are Energy Connoisseur C-3�s all the way around in a typical 5.1 arrangement. The Denon sound is a little thin throughout the midrange and upper treble. The best way to describe the sound that I�m looking for in an amp would be; dynamic, punchy, solid, tight, extended, high definition, high resolution, and absolutely quiet. What I am NOT looking for in an amp is; smooth, liquid, laid back, warm, or soft. Do these definitions mean anything? If so, what kind of amp could I expect to purchase for around $1500-$2000 used? Thanks for your help.
There is a Legacy Powerblock amp in the Classified ads right here on Audiogon that should fit your needs. I owned one of these amps when they first came out. It is a 5 ch amp 250 watts into 8 ohms. It was made by Coda for Legacy.
It fits what you describe in your thread.
I would add the Parasound HCA1205A and the Rotels to your shortlist. U can get it new at your budget.