Help with amp selection

I'm looking to upgrade my Denon 3300 with seperate amps and was wondering if someone could give me a few suggestions.

My current setup consists of Boston Acoustics Lynnfield 300L as front speakers in a 5.1 setup with Boston VR40's in the rear and a subwoofer crossed over with the Denon's bass management at 80Hz. I'm mainly a home theater guy, but always stuck to the philosophy that if it sounds better with music it will home theater as well. Not a big fan of the THX standard other than cinema re-eq. I also use this system for 2-channel music as well.

I recently accquired the 300L's and they are fairly in efficient 85db I believe. I used to own an Aragon 2004MKII many years ago but had to sell when the wife and kids came along. I was thinking of trying to find some 2004's to hook up to the system, but wondered if anyone could recommend alternate brands. The Boston's can be a bit shrill in the highs, so I'm looking for an amp that has a warmer sound to it. I don't have much of an opportunity to demo amplifiers where I live. The nearest big city is Indianapolis and it's about 60-70 miles from smalltown USA. How would someone classify the Aragon's sound?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to participating and learning from this forum.
How about the Marantz mono amps, MA 500 and 700 I think they are called. 125 and 200 watts, compact size, and very good sound.
I have been looking at the MA700 as one possibility. I hear the MA700 is very punchy in the bass region, but a little shrill on the highs. I don't think I need an amp that is exceptional on bass since the 300L's are monitors. Although at this point there are so many different brands of amplifiers I'm open to all suggestions.

I currently own the Aragon 8008BB a few models ahead of the 2004MKII. I am quite happy with the amp. It is detailed and provides excellent power and bass slam. However, it is on the aggressive side and can be a tad dry. Therefore, I would not recommend them if you are looking for something "warm". Some potential "inexpesive" amps that you may consider are Adcom, NAD, Rotel, Parasound, and Sunfire. I have not heard all of them, but I believe these are known for being "warmer" sounding amps.
Thanks guys. I figure no matter what I end up with it's going to be light years ahead of my Denon. :)
How do B&K amps compare with the likes of the Marantz or Parasound amps?
Take a look at the Marsh A400 (200 wpc) or its smaller sibling (100 wpc) - Bothe offer balanced mode and retail for 1995 and 1295.
To follow up wtih P_mmk, I've had some experience with older NAD and Rotel equipment. The Rotels I've had (two or three generations earlier than the RB-991) had weighty bass, but were a bit aggressive on top. The old NAD gear (pre Monitor series) is also transistor-y sounding compared to higher priced gear. My 3155 still blows the doors off a cheap AV receiver I tried and sold, though. I've heard that Adcom is a little warmer and softer than Rotel and NAD. Vintage Carver might be something to listen to also...
I'm sure I'll be purchasing whatever I decide to buy from the audiogon classified section. Some great deals floating around here.
The Sonograph amps from Conrad Johnson are pretty smooth, there are sevral for sale here. ( no, none are mine )
On the "cheap" side, Monarchy SE-100 series mono-blocks. Big, rich and warm but not at the expense of detail. On the more expensive end, the Roland Model 1. A warmer cable like the old Tara Labs Prime 1000 might also help.
Is there anyway to search the classified section?
Go to home page and type what you're looking for in the search box at the top center of the page.
Don't I feel like a dumb sh*t! I assumed that it didn't search the classifieds for some reason. Wasn't thinking.
Any opinions on Bryston?
What about the Odyssey Stratos amp?
I just ordered the Stratos, it is supposed to be delivered on thursday. From what I've read, it is the way to go. Check out How much do you want to spend? Are you comitted to a 2 ch. system? or will a 3 or 5 ch. be usable? I have a 5 ch. Carver AV-505 and I really like the sound. The reason for the Odyssey is to prepare for 7.1 and to have a really good Stereo AMP.

Good Luck
I'm thinking of starting out with a 2-channel and then buying a 5-channel later. I'd like to stay in the $600-800 range. I'd be more than happy with a used amp from the classified section when I decide what I want.