Help with amp/preamp for Tyler Acoustics

I've had Ty's System II's, Linbrook center and some custom surrounds he made for me since August and now I'm ready to pull the trigger on some new electronics.

I'm about 90% hometheater and have been leaning toward the Arcam AVP-700 and P1000 amplifier. How do you think this setup mates with the speakers?

Also, my setup is 5.1... would I gain much by using the additional two channels in that amp to bi-amp the mains for two-channel analog direct music listening?
For two channel, Tyler teamed up with Edge Electronics at the last T.H.E. Show in Indianapolis this year. Edge makes some great sounding amplifiers but does not have a home theater processor as of yet.
I'm really looking for a matched system and I'm leaning towards the Arcam unless someone can tell me reasons why I shouldn't be..... preferably someone with some experience with both Tyler's speakers and Arcam.