Help with amp choice, three on short list.

I've narrowed my amp choice down to the following three. The VTL TT25s, ARC Classic 60, or Music Reference RM-9.
All are close in cost on used market. Using Cabasse 96db speakers with ARC LS2B linestage and EAR 834p phono. Listen to jazz/classical/opera. Small room 12x25, vinyl and cd for source. Any experience comparing these? Or any other I should look at? Pros/Cons of each?
Any help appreciated

Rogue 120 is a better choice.
I would recommend you send a email to reference the music reference RM9. I "think" he owns this amp. I was discussing a used Conrad Johnson preamp with him years ago and he has very long experience with tube gear. If you email him you may say that I referred you (Larry). He and I are not audio dealers/salesman, just fairly dedicated bottleheads. Happy listening
Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think it's in the same price range on the used market. I need to stay at $1200 used.