HELP... with ADC "ZLM" Cartdrige

I was just given (older uncle) a fairly unused (under the microscope) ADC "ZLM" cartdrige! It looks very well built and I can see quality all over it. I am setting up a second turntable based on a modify (Merryl) AR-ES1 using my older SME 3009/S2 tonearm. I think it would be a good match (low -medium mass/high compliance). I need to know the specs of this cartdrige, mainly its weight and the recommended tracking force. My older Audio Magazine directories date back only to the mid 80's. I understand the "ZLM" was well regarded at the time and available in the late 70's early 80's. Also by looking at TAS website, the "ZLM" was reviewed very heavily in their early issues (1-9). Any advice will be very much apprecited.....Thanks, Alex
Hi Alexg: Once owned an ADC-XLM moving magnet (MM)in 1980, i think your ZLM could be a sequel model i'm not sure. If it is, it's a low mass high compliance well suited for the SME3009 indeed. i've used mine successfully on 12" SME3012. ADC cartridges have very good bass extension and smooth vocal if the cantilever rubber suspension is still pliant. Tracking force is from 0.9 to 1.3 grams from my memory. Slightly higher tracking force (grams) will not harm vinyl. Satisfy yourself, experiment from the lower force upwards, you can hear it when it's correct. The rake angle is very critical, check that the tone arm is perfectly horizontal with the stylus in the groove. Good luck. Phil.
Thanks are right the XLM is very much the same. Ideal tracking force in my setup is 1.2 grams...any more force and the cantilever will sink! Superb bass. Thanks again, Alex
Alex: I'm glad you are on the right track literally! What you observe was true for the XLM also, that the cantilever and the exceptionally tiny tip almost "disappear" into the track while playing. This might be ADC's secret to controlling high compliance stability for low frequencies? we may never discover. You will also notice that the tip is extremely intolerant of even a little fluff compared to other styli. I lost the service of the XLM while trying to clean the tip, so take care there. Thank your uncle,lucky fellow you. Bye for now, Phil.