help with a tubed integrated or pre / amp combo

So ... I used to have a audible illusions 3a and a Conrad Johnson 11a combo which was a very good match for my energy veritas 2.3s. I downgraded to a cayin a 50t which is nice but a bit under powered for my speakers. what integrated or pre (with phono) amp combo would be a good upgrade for me at 2400.00. I listen to a lot of female singers like Nora Jones, Allison Kraus, classical and world music. My listening room is a hard wood suspended floor with plaster walls. I've tried some solid state set ups prior but never worked with my room and system.
How about prima luna, mystere, and Jolida. They all make good tube amps in that price range. They all have informative websites as well. Also I forgot about rogue audio as well. If u like vintage tubes, Mcintosh and Dynaco make very good tube amps also.
go for the cayin 100 or 88, great sound, great value. I have both and have been very pleased.
Rogue Cronus Magnum 90wpc with its KT90s
Thanks for all the input. Any sonic comparisons between the cayin 50t and the rouge Cronus magnum, cayin 100, or 88?


I dont know about the other amps that have been spoken of but I had the Cronus Magnum for awhile. I think it has a modern tube sound. Solid base very powerful and articulate. I sold it not because I didn't like it but because I went in another direction (low powered tube amps and high efficiency speakers) Which I am now satisfied with.
You might just vsqueeze into your price range, second hand, anything by Ayon. There seems to be a house sound, paying more gets more refinement and power. I bought an Ayon Spark recently and it's one of the best integrated amps I have owned, better even than the more expensive Viva Solista.
All check out the Ayon Spark. Thanks for the tip.