Help with a Theta Data III

I bought a DVD recorder this past weekend and was in the process of transferring my laser discs to DVD when my Theta Data III locked up. It won't respond to any pushed buttons or remote commands and won't eject a disc. After talking to Theta I am going to have to send it in for possible repairs. My concern is that it is obviously not under warranty. It will cost me $200 just to get it to and from California. Repair costs may not be that much but if they end up being more than $500-700, what is the point in having it fixed? The current value is only around $1000 and my intent was to sell it after I finished transferring the rest of my Laser discs to DVD. It wouldn't make much sense to fix something for $1000 just to sell it for the same amount. Anyone else been in this situation before? I guess I have been pretty lucky until now but I have never had to deal with a malfunctioning piece of gear. Its situations like this that really make you wonder about the ridiculous amounts of money that we spend on this hobby!
My first $200 CD player developed a similar problem. ANY button I pushed made the drawer open or close. I could load a CD but when I pushed play (or any other button) the drawer would open again. I literally gave that unit away.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. Please keep us posted on your repair odyssey.
I also own the Data3. I also live 20 miles from them. I doubt they would charge more than 200 for whatever repair it might need. I am the original owner;they treat the original owners well.--Read, good prices for repair.Fedex ground;-- couldn't be more than 40bucks if you are in the lower 48. You have tried unplugging for 3/4 min.??--Good luck
Thanks for the info avguygeorge. I hope that your repair cost estimate is correct. I tried unplugging the unit but it did nothing to help the problem. I think that I am going to still second day it to Theta. Ground transportation is certainly less expensive but it will take a week to get there and a week to come back and there is also the greater chance for damage. Do you know what Theta's repair turn around time usually is? Thanks.
I own a Data III and had a drawer problem last year. It cost me around $200 to get it fixed and Theta turned it around in about a week. Caveat, they said there is only one guy so it depends on the line in front of you.

When you ship double box it over the original Theta box, On the way back from Theta, FedEx smashed it and it had to go back!
Here is an update on my travels. Theta has had it for two weeks. It needs a new laser which will cost $325 and a new remote (damaged during shippment) which will cost $200. I bought the unit as a demo. Apparently the dealer used it alot because I know I haven't. Maybe buying a demo transport is not a good idea. There is no way to know just how much mileage is on it before you buy. It will likely be two more weeks before I get it back. Including shipping this is now going to cost around $650 to repair. Its not worth much more than that but I realy have no choice. FedEx, however, should pay and hopefully will pay for the cost of the remote, but they say on their webpage that it takes 4-6 weeks to decide a claim. If it gets damaged on the way back from Theta I might just take it to the curb!
Hi, again. Guess you're had it bad--sorry.-- And, yes, these things are big-heavy-sensitive things to ship.-- And, yes, Theta does do more for the original buyer. I would say, at this point; try to concentrate on what a great player you will have.-- In your place; I know it is hard to do,but it is the only way.--You will have a great class A, cd player, that also happens to be one of the best LD players. BTW, I use a SL9000 remote and never use the original one. --If you get the 200,I wouldn't waste the $$ on the original remote. Even a cheap 20 dollar one, will do all you need.