Help with a system for a guy into electronic music

Hey guys, I've been reading some different threads on here, and it's been really helpful, but I just wanted to get a little advice. I'm a big electronic music guy, love trance, progressive house, progressive breaks, cinematic breaks, some dub. I've been doing some research, testing things out and I've come up with this package:

1. Dynaudio Focus 160
2. Simaudio Moon 340i w/DAC, XLR & Phono
3. 2 x JL Audio f113's.

The system will be going in my living room, up against a drywall. The ceilings are 10ft, and concrete. The dimensions of the room are 18x21. Unfortunatley the living room is on the corner of the building, which means two of the walls are all windows (8ft windows)--trying to find thick curtains to help with this.

Do you think this package will work will? Would you recommend I try something different?
Another Chicagoan? All right.

I think that you will want to figure how how forward or laid back you want your speaker to be. A more forward speaker can be a bit fatiguing, but also pretty exciting. Zu for example would be a forward speaker. Klipsches would be another example.

My Von Schwiekert VR-4s would be an example of a more laid back speaker. Still great detail, but a different presentation.
EDM as in Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Above and Beyond, Markus Schultz, etc or some old school chill out music? It's a big difference.

One thing that often overlook is mid-bass. Modern edm require very good mid-bass reproduction more than the deep bass (unless you're into dub-step). My recommendation is, especially with your room, getting a floorstander that can produce big scale music. Only adding subs if you think you need deep bass. For 2-ch music, many would recommend you dailing in subs as your extension to the mains, not overlapping (regardless of floorstander or standmount) which I think is the correct way.

Also if you can audition, try Be tweeter with trance music. It's as if it's made for trance.
I previously owned Dynaudio Focus 140's and a JL Audio F113. I think both of these are a good choice for electronic music. The Dynaudio 140's were surprisingly capable in the bass, and could play loud while remaining composed. The JL F113 is a great sub, as many owners have reported. It's fast, powerful, and musical.

Something to think about... If you're going to get two subs, you might also consider the F110. It doesn't play quite as low or quite as loud, but it is faster than the F113, and considerably cheaper. I currently own a single F110, and I don't particularly miss my F113, even when listening to electronic music. And my room is roughly the size of yours. Either way, you will be happy with the JL Audio subs.

And FWIW, I don't think the suggestion of pro gear is a bad one. As a generalization, active speakers produce very dynamic bass, and several consumer audio companies, like Dynaudio, manufacture active speakers for pro applications. But there is no reason they couldn't be used in a home environment, and given the kind of music you listen to, it is worth considering.

Good luck.

So you are going to spend $3000 on pair of Dynaudio 160's and $3850 X 2 on a pair of JL Audio F113 subs for a total of $10,700 dollars?
Not saying that is a bad decision, might actually work really well, but I am just thinking of all the stand alone speakers you could buy for that kind of money and then maybe add a sub or two later on. I am into some of the same music you are and I heard Dynaudio X32's with VTL electronics, tubes, and it sounded awesome.
I like electronica, too, and totally agree with the idea of getting at least one sub - I don't think there's any question of how important sub-bass is for EDM/IDM!

Honestly also not sure about the benefits of two subs, though, as those funds can be put into better main speakers or room treatments for more immediate benefit. You can always get another F113 down the road.

At the end of the day, you HAVE to go listen to things to find the right system. Demos are absolutely a must.

Another tip is to widen the source/amp combo shortlist. I agree you want gear that has tight bass and mid-bass with refined treble (not all modern dance recordings are that good). In terms of electronics, I'd throw these into the mix: Bel Canto, the Chord Chordette QuteHD DAC, even Naim gear and perhaps the NAD M2 integrated.

Dynaudio is a great choice, but high SPL is a concern for most 2-way standmounts. I might add PMC and ATC to your speaker list. ATCs can play SUPER-LOUD, though not everyone likes the accurate, unromantic presentation.

On cables, well, it's definitely the worst investment one can make sound for pound, but in my experience, it is annoying but true that they can make a difference. Specific gear and room acoustics are variables to how much.

I'd start off with basic cabling for power, interconnects and speaker, then buy/flip more exotic things used, or try out cables from places that offer money back trials, and/or use the Lending Library from The Cable Company at different price points.

In my system, I really like the Canare cables I got from Blue Jeans (preferred these to Mogami and Belden). Good luck!