Help with a system for a guy into electronic music

Hey guys, I've been reading some different threads on here, and it's been really helpful, but I just wanted to get a little advice. I'm a big electronic music guy, love trance, progressive house, progressive breaks, cinematic breaks, some dub. I've been doing some research, testing things out and I've come up with this package:

1. Dynaudio Focus 160
2. Simaudio Moon 340i w/DAC, XLR & Phono
3. 2 x JL Audio f113's.

The system will be going in my living room, up against a drywall. The ceilings are 10ft, and concrete. The dimensions of the room are 18x21. Unfortunatley the living room is on the corner of the building, which means two of the walls are all windows (8ft windows)--trying to find thick curtains to help with this.

Do you think this package will work will? Would you recommend I try something different?
Good selection of components starting with the Simaudio 340i and Dynaudio 160.

Colonel your system is well thought out however, think about dropping down to smaller sub (10s or 12s if using two or one 13 sub) and investing in room treatments and excellent cables.

Details help bring the system together. Those small details can be made with better cables and room treatments.

Like Dynaudio 160 but there is no shortage of tough rivals. Check these brands out:

Focal 1008 Be
Harbeth 7ES-3
Totem Acoustic Mani-2 Signature
Lapierre, thanks for the input. One question though, from my days on Head-Fi, I thought the whole "expensive" cable thing was debunked--the cheap ones are just as good as the $3000 ones.
Mani-2 is very good choice mentioned!

every third post here is about believers and non-believers for spending high dollar for wires or not...

in reality it's not the price you're paying for the wire, but rather matching wire parameters to your equipment. if you unsure how to match parameters or don't know jota about electronics, it's also not a big deal because the differences are so minimal.

wires that somehow 'improve' the sound simply add coloration with excessive reactive parameters that make philes believe that WIRES MATTER.

the safest way to achieve a reference wire performance is to purchase recording studio standard wires.