Help with a Projector.

My Father has a Sanyo PLV-Z2 that he no longer uses and is willing to give me for free. The projector works fine, but on the left side of the screen there was a Blue haze in the picture about 1 foot in on a 101" screen. Is this the lamp? I am wondering if I get this, what parts am I going to have to replace? Any help? Thanks
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How man hours on the bulb? When was it last replaced?
I would also recommend googling that question, as there are video forums that may give you the answer.

Most of the time I see this, I carefully check the optical path for an unglued polarizer, integrator or diffusion assembly; they often come unglued with age and heat especially considering that particular unit is somewhere around 10 years old. The process for getting to the optical engine is not insignificant. Sometimes a focal lens can shift inside the main lens assembly as well. We've had brand new projectors exhibit this symptom and it's usually due to careless handling in shipment. If the haze you're seeing appears as if it's in the image itself, and is exacerbated by a white background, then it's most likely a heavy dust accumulation on one of the LCD panels (the red one in this case). Again, major surgery.
Nasty situation, I had a similar situation, except it turned out to be a heat damaged panel in a Hitachi projector.