Help with a preamp upgrade

I'm considering upgrading my CJ pv10al to a Krell kav 250p. I really like the sound of my CJ, will the Krell be a good upgrade?

Any thoughts?

Thank you

If you "really like the sound" of what you have, why upgrade? You sound happy & satisfied, an envious state.
Save your money. Buy music instead. That's what it's all about- music, not hardware.
Rubinken, I am very happy with the sound of my stereo. Every day before work and after work, I listen to classical music to help me relax. I was just wondering if the Krell would do everything my CJ does, but do it better. I don't want to loose the musical sound, but it never hurts to improve it.

If you decide to go with the Krell you'd be better off with the KRC-3 than the Kav. Pricewise it should even be slightly less. The sound between the Krell and CJ will be quite a bit different. Dynamics will be stronger with the Krell as will extension at the two extremes. Overall the Krell I'd say is more accurate. The CJ though may have a richer midrange. I went from an ARC LS16 to a Krc-3 and am very happy with the trade. I do miss some of the tube euphony at times though. You could buy the Krell and not be out anything but time and shipping. There's plenty of Pv10's to buy if you don't like the Krell. It's a matter of taste to a large degree.
Consider using the upgrade money to do some tube rolling, especially if you've had the amp for a while.
Personally I find C-J preamps really great for classical music. If you wanna upgrade (versus sidegrade), and you like the C-J sound, consider that C-J has a new preamp coming out based on ACT2 technology and you may see some good deals on PV-14s and Premier 16s and 17s as other folks look to upgrade.
Cj is releasing a little brother to the Act 2 as we speak. It is supposed to outperform the Art and is half the cost at around 7500.00 . might be something to wait on.
If you like the sound of your current CJ & want more of it, tweak it with Herbie's HAL-O Damping Instruments, if you have not done so already. At only 10.00 for each tube, it does wonders & it has a 90 day trial period.

Another no brainer tweak that works well is Walker SST contact enhancer which cost only 70.00 & worth its weight in gold.

And if you have money left over buy more music as suggested by Rubinken.

All the best....
I had the Krell KRC-3 pre-amp from the time it came out up until two years ago. It's a classic!

I now have the Herron VTSP-1A/166. I sat down and did a side by side comparison with the C-J Premier 17 LS 2, and easily chose the Herron. For the record, I've always liked C-J equipment a lot, I just think the Herron eats it alive.

The new Herron VTSP-2 is supposed to be even better.


The CJ pv10al to a Krell kav 250p is not an upgrade. You really did not say what you liked about the sound of the CJ or maybe what you are looking to gain. The CJs have a warm musical sound but I always found them boring in the long run. The Herron is a good option as is the Fist Sound, Counterpoint SA-5, SA-5000, AL 3A and Blue Circle. You can retain some of the CJ sound with these but gain some clarity, details and speed IMO.

Happy Listening.
Thanks for all your responses. You've given me plenty to think about.

Get a Coda Window Continuum II, III or IV.
Do a tube upgrade, not amp upgrade. IMHO
Hi Eben,

Coming from a c-j fan I would say the PV-10AL that you currently own is just a entry level h-fi piece. Music starts to happen when you get into the c-j 17LS2 pre (or higher up in the c-j line like ACT2). Keep your amp but think about getting a new cd player like the Linn Ikemi paired up to a pair of Spendor or Harbeth speakers in the future.

Good Luck!*>)
I have an older CJ PV-5 with updated power supply and I like mine just fine,But if you like a Krell I just looked at one in an audio shop in Seattle WA. at Hawthorne Stereo
today.They were wanting 1k for it with outboard power supply
it listed at 3k.