Help with a preamp

Hello All,
I am looking to get a new preamp and I need help. What I am looking for is something SS that is very detailed in sound. I like the highs or bright. I have a Krell KRC-2 now and it is very flat sounding to me. I tryed a adcom gfp-750 not bad but I want 2 sets of xlr inputs. Would like to buy used so I can get more preamp for the money. range about 1200.00 I don't need phono. Anything fit this bill? please help and thanks
krell krc-3
try proceed. I hate it but I don't like bright/tight....
You may want to try Pass Labs. I had tried a X0.2 in my system. Very detailed and bright. Problem for me was it is not an impedance match to my amplifiers. Nothing wrong with the preamp itself. No synergy with the Pass preamp and my Levinson amps.

No matter what you try system matching will tell in the end.

Good luck!
Just for the heck of it, take a look at the IRD Purist at I've heard it in a system with a Krell KBF200.