Help with a new Tube headphone amp blowing fuses

Received a new headphone amp this week to replace one from same manufacturer that is still serving me well but wanted to try a little more power, new amp 1.4 watts versus a .35 watt on the older one. Have about 25 hours on new amp and turned it on this morn loaded CD and after about a minute the music was replaced with an elevated fuzzy noise right before fuse blew, replaced fuse and it blew a second or two after turning unit on, saw nothing unusual going on with the tube glow, replaced New amp with the older amp in system and all is well. What are the possibilities of fault here, would like to handle myself without having to send back to Japan for warranty work.
Message to self, go ahead and send it back to Yamamoto.
Don't know what you have but it's possibly setup for 100 volt Japanese power which could cause it to blow up pretty fast if you're using 120 volts.

Raindance, thanks for your response, it is a Yamamoto Soundcraft HA-03 headphone amp that was built for the american market special order by me. The amp that it is replacing is a Yamamoto Soundcraft HA-02 built for me 16 months ago, and it has functioned flawlessly since its arrival. My dilemma is I am almost sure that it has to be a simple fix and believe that it would be in my best interest to have it looked at by a local tech and diagnosed rather than to ship it back, was just looking for some likely possibilities and possibly a worst case sennario. The amp sells for $1,600.00, so it is a bit of an investment. 
Where are you located? I could look at it. I'm in NC.
I am in Humble Texas a suburb of Houston. 
Humble Texas might well be greatest oxymoron in history !
Let me know if you are interested, tooblue and we can figure something out. Although I'm sure there are some repair guys nearer you.
Schubert, it's hard to be humble when your perfect in every way. raindance, thank you for your very kind offer wish you were close but am trying to keep from shipping. Love Yamamoto products have the two headphone amps and his 45 tube stereo amp and never had an issue till now and the language barrier is playing out a little. By the way I am a big Guess Who fan and love the song raindance.
Hey shubert,

C'mon down to Texas and learn some manners. Even you might be redeemable, but no guarantees.

Just don’t burn any American flags while you are here.

tooblue - I am a Camel fan, so the moniker is related to their album Raindances...
Raindances is one of their better albums.

@tooblue , what happens if you replace the power tubes? Does it still blow the fuse?
Do not have extra tubes, it uses an obscure C3M Siemens. When the fuse blew initially I was listening and the music was replaced by an elevated hissing distortion for about a second before fuse blew and didn't see any tube glow anomalies.
Never heard of the band Camel but just googled them, don't know how they got by me being a product of the mid 60s.
The tube glowing oddly does not happen all the time.

Remove the power tube and run the unit. Does the fuse blow? If yes => it needs service, probably in the power supply. If no => install the tube and try it again. If you hear odd sounds, tap on the tubes and see if any respond. The socket might be loose (but that usually won't blow a fuse unless its the grid connection on the power tube that is loose) which can make crackling and popping sounds. So you have to sort out which is which. Sounds like it would be a good idea to obtain a spare power tube regardless since they are not all that common.
atmosphere, thanks for your input, currently out of fuses but did just order some off ebay (damn I miss Radio Shack) and some back up tubes. when the fuses arrive I will remove the two c3m tubes and give it a try and see what happens. Going to try that before taking it to a tech for diagnoses. Unit is brand new and did work well with no issues for at least 20 hours, the first 16 being burn in hours and the last 4 actually listening.