help with a lush 50 watt+ amp

i own vtl deluxe 120 monoblocks. i would like to purchase another amp, 50 + watts, which has less emphasis on the upper mid/lower treble than my current amp. i'm willing to lose resolution in order to gain a more vintage tube sound which can compensate for cds.

by now, many are aware of my taste for a highly euphonically colored sounds. yes, this is what i like. most of you don't like this sound.

i have been criticized for this. i'm a big boy so i can take it.

anyway, someone has to be the audiogon iconoclast, and i guess that someone is me.

thanks for your help
Just a couple off the top of my head. Going back a bit a couple really nice tube amps come to mind. Audio Research 115B or how about Conrad Johnson Premier5 ( monos ).There are many that would fall into your category.Most of the amps from the past had more of the lush type sound your looking for.....
Low powered Conrad Johnson EL-34 amps like the MV50. When I bought mine the dealer described it as sounding like butter, very smooth. It was.
AES SixPacs. 50 watts Triode, zero feedback.
If you want a vintage tube sound, why not try a vintage amp? If you can live with a few less watts, a Fisher 400 might do the trick.

The Cary V-12 monos might give you what you want. I use a Cary tube preamp, and find that it gives my otherwise lean system that extra bit of flah on the bone that it needs. I don't know why it is such a big deal that you might like a warmer sound. I think everyone could have different preferences because our ability to hear certain frequencies varies, and the music and environment in which it is played tends to vary.
Do you have a budget? New or used? Are you going to drive your Quads? I can't recall your pre-amp - what are you using?
I'd also suggest the AES Six Pacs or Cary V12 (original, i, or R versions). I owned the V12i myslef at one time and enjoyed the sound, it just didn't have enough power for my speakers.
Older CJ tube amps; also, in the higher priced vein, older model Jadis JA-80 or 30 monoblocks with EL-34 tubes would give you the sound you're looking for (don't take a modified one, though). If you're driving older Quads, the JA-80s are reputed to work very well with them.
I own the AES Six Pacs and they are great amps. However, I wouldn't describe them as "lush". Being EL34 based they do have that midrange magic though.

my favorite amp is a cj mv125. hard to get. its heavy and a nightmare to ship.

next choice might be a cj mv100.

i am driving quad63s or maggie 1.6s, using a canadian preamp, 6sn7 based called the mapletree.
CJ MV-52
third the cary amps, six pacs, v12, or even 805c... all lush, while at the same time being high resolution and open
i think a conrad mv100 or mv125 may be the answer. do they sound the same except for power ?

i heard an mv125 driving magnepans. it was very pleantly, subtractively, euphonically colored. is my favorite amp of all time, next to the ja 80 driving a pair of mg3s.
Mr Tennis, I've not made a recommendation even though I appreciate thru your multiple posts that you are looking to change the balance of your system. You seem not to be able to find a single component which will do it for you which makes me think that perhaps you attacking the wrong part of the tonal spectrum.

I have found that a lot of stuff sounds bright to many folks, not because the highs are bright(too much high frequency signal) but that there is either, or both, an upper mid-range glare or a lower mid range suck out. Either will give an immediate impression of being highly detailed but over the long haul the former will become fatiguing and the latter will just make your system sound cool and un-involving.

It may just be time to re-think your entire system. I will give you an example based on surmise. Most folks who have Quad 63's put them on stands raising them off the floor from 6 to 12 inches. They are all taken by the clarity of the mid range in that position. What they fail to mention or observe is a concurrent upper bass suck out which gives the sound an over-all coolish tone which is enhanced by the natural tendency of the speaker to be on the dry side thru the upper mids and highs. These speakers were designed by Peter Walker to be used on the floor (actually when you start to raise any floor stander off the floor you start playing with the frequency response in the 200 hz area). Put these speakers on the floor, set them up properly!, and they really can sound warm and full range down to 32hz depending on associated equipment.

Now if you have in fact already optomized your Quads set up and remain convinced that one component can make the difference ditch the BAT (I have one and its a great CPD - I've had it 7 years and its not going anywhere). Get a Wadia 302. It has a very dynamic bass, very detailed mid range and smooth, non prominent highs. Overall it produces a sound slightly on the dark side of neutral once your are past a long break in stage (out of the box it sounds like a POS).

You asked about an amp. Independent of the comments I just made, and based on my personal experience with the product, if I were going to set up my Quads again I would get a Primaluna 3 pre-amp combined with a Primaluna 7 (I'm using a Primaluna 3/5 but I don't need the current or power that the Quads need but 70 good wts is enuf for the Quads). Excellent set up for the price.
Great full sounding tube amp.
i have heard prima luna amps and pre amps. they sound like solid state. i am looking for a vintage tube sound. it has nothing to do with how the quads are placed.

i like a very dark, highly euphonic sound which most people don't like. i have heard wadia gear. i don't want detail i want less deal, and subtractive coloration.

from my experience with the cj mv125, i think its almost as colored gets as far as amplifiers go, in its power rabge, over 100 watts.

i am having a hard time finding current made gear which i like because most current production components sound like harsh solid state even if they have tubes in them.

hopefully, i will find some 6922 tubes which can sufficiently darken the bat so i can live with it.

basically i like treble response as follows:

down 2 db at 2Khz, down 4 db at 4 Khz, down 8 db at 8 Khz, etc.

yes i am aware of equalizers, but i still need an amp, preamp and digital source and speakers.
Sorry I couldn't help. What you are looking for is the antithesis of what high end audio is all about. You have such unique requirements. Good luck in your quest.
Hey. Buy a used MAC amp. Problem solved. People all the time go that route that don't care for the new state of the art sound you can buy today. I bet there are more classic amps that you would fall in love with. More older experienced and knowledgable vintage fans could give you all sorts of advice. Actually, there is a forum for this subject over at AudioAsylum.

There must be a new current production amp out there that would fit your needs. I just don't know what it is. I bet Art Dudely would know.
Hi Dennis_the_Menace,

Between the V12 and 805C which is the faster sounding amp? I've heard the V12R in my home but the 805C only at the dealers. At the dealers, I thought the 805C sounded a bit slow but loved its fleshed out sound. I was listening to a Christy Barron cd.
hey KW6... i've only heard the 805c, not the V12.
Hi Dennis_the_menace,

This might be too vintage for you, but as a previous owner of an Audio Research D70 I would put this in the realm of lushness; wasn't the most reliable, however. Currently I have a Jadis Orchestra Reference, but this musters only 53Wpc, and is not exactly lush - the ARC sounded much more like a big friendly woolly beast.

Good luck, Rob.