Help with a budget turntable/amp/speaker system?

Hi, I've been collecting vinyl for a few months, but they've just been sitting around collecting dust. I'm trying to get a budget system (My budget is around 950 dollars, can't go over than 1000 no matter what). I already got a Denon DP-300F turntable for $225 used so I guess that lowers my budget down to ~ 750$ for the rest of the system.

I listen to mostly pop-punk/alt rock bands (Bouncing Souls, Yellowcard, Saves the Day, Lagwagon, New Found Glory), some hardcore/post-hardcore (Touche Amore, Silverstein, Kid Dynamite), and a few mellow indie bands (Bright Eyes, etc.).

I'm open to buying used and vintage, although I'd slightly prefer something that's easy to set up and won't break down (I've heard some vintage models are unreliable when it comes to not breaking down).

So basically I need:
Cartridge + Integrated Amp (my Denon comes with phono) + Speakers.

Also, if it comes to it, I'm open to re-selling the Denon for what I paid for it because when I bought it a few days ago, my budget was only around $700 for the whole system.


Some models I'm currently considering/looking at are:
Cartridge: Audio Technica AT-MLA 440, Denon DL-110, Ortofon 2M Blue

Amp: NAD C315BEE (in the process of buying it, debating whether to use it for myself or give it to my brother, NAD 3020, Marantz 2230, Pioneer A400, Sherwood 7100,

Speakers: Thiel, Vandersteen, Polk Audio Monitor 40's (not high end I know).

specific model recs would be appreciated, and thanks again! :)
You really are off to a good start on the journey. I know part of the process is the apprehension in buying the proper components, but falling into your preferred brands is part of the process. I feel that most brands do carry something of their own sonic signature so to speak. I started my system many years ago, and also worked it around the NAD integrated. I had the 3020B. Still functions flawlessly, and is currently giving audio pleasure to my father. In your speaker category you may also consider the Wharfdale line. I have not heard them, but they are at a good pricepoint for your consideration, and have received very favorable reviews. I am found of the Focal line, but you should listen for yourself, and find what suits you best. With your rock leanings, you will want something that can rock a little more. I buy most everything used, but I have always been leary of used cartridge purchases. You will also have to consider your speaker cables. Your table has an interconnect with it for you. If your integrated is vintage and you use the phone stage, be sure to turn the switch off for the phono section of the Denon turntable. I just ran into that when hooking one up for my dad. I am familiar with the Marantz. A friend uses it, and has been very happy with it. I have listened to it with him, and it is a nice vintage piece. Good luck with your choices. If you have the opportunity, I would try to hook up with a local dealer who may carry some of the product lines you might like, and try to listen to some of the gear on your own. I know that isn't always possible though. Best of luck - and remember to trust yourself and pick what suits your taste and your ear.
thank you! do you think the NAD 3020 or the Marantz 2230 would be better suited for my needs? I don't know of any thrift stores near me where I could go test them out.

and is the 3020 significantly better than the C315BEE?
oh, and how would you suggest i split up the budget? thanks :)
Get the AT-440 cart...with your budget, it's really all you can afford and it'll probably do just fine with the music you like...forget Theil and Vandersteens -- they're out of you price range and, speaking from experience (2CE sigs and 3A sigs), Vandys are great for jazz, light classical and especially vocals but are a little laid-back for your tastes, IMO...also, they are rather easily overdriven at the higher volumes you are likely to listen to...they actually have an LED warning light that comes on at what you may consider routine volume levels...I have no experience with Theils but I think they are a bit pricey for your range....a used NAD integrated would make a fine bang-for-buck choice...I confer with Bank738's Wharfedale recco...I have had Pacific EVO 30s and Diamond will get the SPLs you want but they can also deliver the nuance and detail that audiophiles crave...I would also consider used Klipsches...some may hate them, but their high sensitivity (usually 90 dB/w/m or better) will mate well with the relatively low power integrateds in your range...don't let that statement put you off...50 WPC from an integrated with a real power supply will blow away 100 WPC from a cheapo surround for budget, the cart is about $50, leaving you with $650 for speakers/integrated...I'd split that 50-50 with a little give one way or the other depending on what's available...try to go local as shipping will eat up a huge chunk of your budget...sorry for the run-on...good luck and happy listening....keep us informed!!!
One more thought: I know there are a lot of devotees to the NAD 3020 and it was a game-changer but that was back in the '80s and the Marantz goes back to the '70s...I know there are lots of examples of these that are still playing fine but the probabilty of cap failure starts becoming a concern at about 20 yrs...if all things were equal, I'd go for the newer 315 might also consider one of the Cambridge integrateds...they've just introduced new models and I've seen a lot of deals on their late-model used stuff...I've never had one but they get raves and I am a big fan of their digital stuff (740 CD player and DAC-Magic)...
Yeah I was a bit worried about that too, because who knows what's happened to that amp over the course of 30-40 years?

Before I posted this, I was leaning towards the Denon-110 for the cartridge but now I'm leaning towards the AT-440MLA. It just seems more reliable after all the great reviews, and I posted a similar thread on a different website and everyone suggested the AT as well.
I think I'm going to end up just using the C315BEE for simplicity's sake.

thank you all so much for the help! :)
I'd stay away from a MC cart on my first TT...unless the integrated you get has a MC input, you'll need a separate phono amp...not in the budget...I also thought you were looking at the $50 AT 95E cart...not the $220 AT440...suit yourself, but I doubt I'd spend 20% of my budget on a cart for a starter system....I personally wouldn't go much over $ might also look at the lower-end Grados, Sumiko Pearl, Shure M97, etc...very good for the dollar...and all have at least 4 mV output...compatibly with any MM input...
One last idea and then I'll shut up until you report back...there are a few very good budget monitors out there that might give you very high bang for buck...the first that comes to mind is the new Pioneer SP-BS41-LR...I believe it got a Stereophile C rating ( definitely peruse stereophile's budget component reviews online...especially Stephen Mejias' columns...I have a feeling he's right up your alley) and it's $150/pair...others such as NHT super zero or Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 are also well-reviewed...augment a pair of those with a cheap thrift store sub and you'd have a killer micro-budget system that would deliver the occasional punch you probably crave...I have enjoyed the audiophile hobby for many years and have been through lots of high-end floorstanders yet these days I prefer to listen to monitors on stands...for me, they deliver most of the oomph of the big boys and have superior imaging and, they're cheap enough to swap out on occasion...if I want to rock out, I turn on my homemade subs (low-Q sealed with Shiva drivers)...worth considering and it frees up more of your budget for a nice integrated or that AT 440...

let us know what you come up with...
Decided on a system!
My Denon and the NAD, Denon DL-110 cart, and Wharfdale 10.1 speakers. thanks everyone!