Help with a budget second system

I am looking to put together a budget system for my den. The room is 12x16. I am not sure whether to go solid state or tube. For solid state, I was considering the Audio Refinement, Cambridge Audio, or Creek integrated amps (prices ranging from $400-750). For tube, I have been investigating the Rogue 88, and Jolida 502B (prices between $750-1100). I wanted to try the new Magnapan MMG's but I am concerned that they may not produce enough bass. If I go with the Rogue, I was considering purchasing a decent CD with volume control to connect directly to the amp. Trying to stay below $2k, interconnects included, how would you proceed?
I assume you mean $2000 new retail price, here goes.....CD player, Rotel RCD 951 $500....Integrated Amp, Roksan Kandy $800....Speakers, B&W DM602 $500....Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable 8ft pair $150....Interconnect, Harmonic Tech Precision Link 1m pair $130.....grand total for new retail prices without tax, $2080.....this will "kick out the jams" of course used stuff is whole other story..regards Sam
I currently am using a Jolida 502A with a pair og 1.6's without problem in a room slightly larger than yours. As to the bass of the MMG's, it is not huge but will be very coherent, for a second system the jolida/MMG combo is a winner.
I'm not sure if this will matter or not, but Electronic Visionary Systems makes a volume control that connects directly to your amp...making a pre-amp (or CD equipped with volume control) unnecessary They cost less than $300, but there is no remote. You can read about them at
Cambridge Audio D500 Cd Player $400. Rotel RA971 Integrated Amplifier $500. B&W DM602 Series 2 $600. Speaker Stands $100. MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire Speaker Cables $250 (Cheap At Audio Advisor). Van Den Hul D102MkIII Interconnects $150.
PS: Most of these items can be gotten at a discount new and if you do not need stands, then you will be well below $2K
try the jolida with a maggie mg-12
For what it's worth I have a pair of MMGs connected to Acurus electronics in my bedroom, and I think that the MMGs need a bigger room, to be out from the wall, and far apart. I think they are great speakers, just not in a small room. I'm sending mine back:-( Anyway, I'd look at Jolida integrated amps and either B&W (601 s2 not the 302), paradigm (Ref 20 or mini monitor), or NHT (Superones). These small speakers can tend to be bright (especially the B&Ws), but the tubes will make them sound silky smooth. For the source: If your into FM get a used Dynalab, McIntosh, or Dynaco FM-3; if your into CDs get a used Rega, Rotel(951/971). Throw in some cable and you should be set for $2000 (used). Well, that's my 2 cents. Carter P.s. I tried the Maggies with a Krell 300i, the Acurus stuff, and with NAD and they were just too big. Granted I am only about 9' feet away and could not get them far from the wall. (I don't want anyone to think I don't like them; they're just to much for the room (12'x15')).
I'm using a Jolida 502 in the bedroom system with my old IMF Monitor IV's which have excellent bass extension. I'm using KT-88's and NOS on the inputs. The Jolida providesg good solid bass and a sweet sound
Hmmm...I would suggest that you start with the speakers and the cd player, and then find an integrated amp that goes well with them. In my little system (a little under $2k), I have a Rotel rcd-971, nad 314 integrated, and B&W 302s. Cardas cables, but that's overkill. I love this system, and am never bothered by deficientcies. Anyways, the only hard advice i can give you is to skip the cd player with volume. They sound like crap in this price range while there are a lot of great integrated amps out there. Oh, I saw a pair of Hales Revelation Ones for around $550 on this site. They are excellent. Have fun.
Haven't tried this combo, but I bet it would sound great for the price: Magnum 70wpc integrated amp (around $700), Rega Planet CD (available used for $400-$500 on audiogon) and Linn Tukan monitors (under $800 new, but often available used). Use the leftover money for your favorite cables (no recommendations since I have not auditioned this combo). Good luck.