Help with a BAT pre - amp

I just took delivery of a VK 50SE and found once installed I am getting a loud pop sound once in mute or zero volume is engaged.

A respond from a BAT user would be appreicated.

Enjoy music!
I hate to say it, but I had a similar problem with a VK-51SE. The problem was the six-pack caps were shot and needed replaced. Cost about $700 as I recall....that was about 4 years ago.

Thank you John, I took delivery of unit from a fellow Audigon member and I did e-mail him on problem. Which in return he told me in his reply that he has never had a problem with unit and if I was for any reason not happy what so ever return it.

Now if indeed it is going to cost me 700.00 on top of what I paid then I guess no question and by principles leaves no choice.

I am going to give it one last chance and make contact with Victor on matter. Victor has been very helpful in the past and I find him open to resolve issues with his products.

Victor if you have read this inquiry please respond.

John again thank you for your reply and if I may ask others for some feedback it would be highly appreciated.

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Hi Harold!

I own both the 51SE and indication of the observations you've described. Your reflection regarding Victor is quite apropos.

I have a VK 31 SE and had a similar incident. Sent the unit back to BAT and turns out it needed to be re-tubed. Do you have any idea how old the tubes are?

Email Victor and I am sure you will be well taken care of. Excellent customer service!
I am going to check with Victor as suggested.

Thank you for your support on this issue.
Did you get an unbeatable deal on the 50SE that can't be passed up? If not, here's what I'd say. Unlike the others my thought is, you just took delivery on a used preamp and you're immediately having a problem with a "loud" pop. You should contact the designer to see what he says. The seller was fair enough to say you can send it back if you're not happy. I would take him up on that offer after I hear from Victor unless the problem can be resolved without shipping the preamp. . At this point are you happy? Plenty of BAT preamps show up here regularly including the 50SE. You can get yourself another and not have to deal with an issue right out of the box. I sure wouldn't want to have to be hearing loud pops, posting for help, emailing the designer, facing the possiblity of having to ship the preamp for retubing, and trying to troubleshoot on a preamp I just bought. Now if it just needs a re-tube and the designer says, "sounds like tubes" and you don't mind having to ship the preamp, and wait for it, then ok. Me, I woudn't be shipping a preamp I just took delivery on unless it was back to the seller. Now, if the tubes were exposed and a simple process to get replacements and re-tube, that would be a bit of a different story. If your popping problem is tubes and you can do the re-tube yourself with BAT supplied tubes fairly simply that would be a different story too. But at minimum it sounds like you face shipping the preamp to BAT, unacceptable.
Did try to reseat the tubes or at least rock back and forth? Maybe one came lose in shipping.
FWIW, Victor's Audiogon moniker is "Chipmunk".
Thank you gentlemen I took the opportunity to rely on my sources. Victor for one told me this morning that it is the output capacitor that leaks and goes dry (six-pak) and the fee to fix was 900.00.

I appreciate what Foster 9 mentions and he is correct due to the fact right out of the shipping box there is a problem raises a red flag!

Seller has arranged for me to ship unit back.

Thank you again to all my Audiogon fellow members for your feedback on issue.

Enjoy music!

Sounds like you've achieved a satisfactory solution :-)

This sounds like the same problem I had with my VK32-SE fresh from BAT after the upgrade. I corresponded with Victor, and he suspected a grounding problem. I was dubious, but after thoroughly checking my grounds, I was able to finally eliminated the problem. Good luck in any event.
Audiogalore, it's good to see the proper conclusion and an honest seller.
Absolutely, in the process of elimination that was the first place I look was (ground loop issues).

I even eliminated all inputs and Isolated the pre-amp from all sources and still had the loud pop. As a Electrical Engineer I suspected a "tank circuit" problem had developed, this is when the capicator needs to bleed the charge and the inductance of the coil can not discharge and that when the loud pop is experience such as in my case.

When Victor confirmed that the output cap was the issue, I knew that the only solution was to send the unit back to the seller.

As Foster 9 made mentioned BAT seem to always advertise on Audiogon.

Maybe I will be better off with the 51SE anyways.

I've been told it is much more improved with a liquid sound and greater detail/dynamics presentation.

Enjoy music!
Can the same problem happen on VK30 (non SE version)?