Help with 33 ga Tonearm Wire

I'm in process of rewiring my tonearm and am looking for a Wire Stripper that will reliably strip insulation off of the 33 ga wire (Cardas). Any recommendations?

Also, this stuff is really hard to work with and solder. Anyone have some tips on that too?

thanks in advance . . .
Depends on the insulation. Often, the best way to handle this is with a solder pot. Just dip the end in, it will melt the insulation and tin the end. (This will not work with Teflon but it's worth a try otherwise.)

I thought a friend told me that Cardas and a typical solder gun wont get along too well, you need a much higher temp....if I recall.
thanks Kal, after posting this thread I also found a procedure written on that used the same Cardas wire I'm using - said to burn it off using a butane lighter. This should be much better than what I was trying. I like your suggestion better because it helps solve my other problem (ie working with the tiny fraying wire) by tinning the end.

thanks again.
thanks Chad, I've had some trouble getting the solder to flow on the wire . . . perhaps that's the solution. I think I'll experiment a little with different temp settings.
Is this the Litz wire? I re-wired an arm once with that and found that I got pretty good results by burning the insulation off (40 watt iron) and then applying a generous amount of flux to the end of the wire before tinning. I also used an alligator clip on the wire as a heat sink to help prevent the heat from traveling.
No problen Bd, glad I may have helped.
Dan-ed, yes, it's the Cardas Litz wire. What flux did you use, and where did you get it? I have some stuff I use for copper plumping, but gee . . . something about that doesn't seem right.

thanks, Brad G.
Brad, I just used a tube of flux I bought at Rat Shack.