Help with 30th anniversary DSOTM vinyl?

I just got a copy of the 30th anniversary edition of DSOTM from the Virgin megastore in Times Sq. It has a sticker marked made in Holland on the back. I put it on last night, everything sounded great EXCEPT THE VOCALS!???! The music is quiet, bass is punchy, soundstage is great, but the vocals have tons of ssssibilance especially with the "fff" and "sss" sound. They also sound thin. This is the first piece of new vinyl Ive bought. I havent had any problems with the sound of older used vinyl. Is it my cartridge? Is the record defective? Any help here would be greatly appreciated?
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Maybe the thicker vinyl is causing your VTA to be affected, and causing the sibilance.
I have several copies of this reissue and have never had that problem. I thought the vocals , just like the rest of the LP sounded amazing. Alan parsons, or no Alan Parsons, this is a 'must have.'

It's hard to imagine the problem is a VTA issue, but it is possible. Maybe you have it set on the high side now and the thicker LP just accentuates the problem. I defer to TWL's wisdom.
TWL how do I fix this VTA problem?
Take it or send it back for a replacement. My first copy of DSOTM suffered big time from major "ticks and pops". Not permissible, in my opinion, from a $30.00 plus 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing. Even though my second record was from the same pressing "batch" and manufacture, it did not suffer from the same noise problem and I am now happy! The most you have to loose, as I did, is shipping costs!
I hope Virgin takes back slightly used defective vinyl. I bought a shure stylus pressure gauge and found out my tracking weight was about .2 off. Very necessary instrument. Now how do I fix the VTA? Anyone?
Bundee 1,
I suggest getting issue #9 of the Audio Perfectionist. In it Brooks Berdan gives a fairly detailed breakdown on how to properly set up and adjust your cartridge.
You are going to have to check your owner's manual for the VTA adjustment procedure. I looked on the internet, and found references that there is a VTA adjustment on that arm. I never did it on an MMF 2 and can't guide you on it. But it should be there, and you'll have to find it, probably in the manual.
Thanks TWL I found it, adjusted it and still no difference in the sibilance. How long does it take a cartridge to break in? How long did it take on the mmf2? Thanks for the help.