HELP wiring - Romex 10 ga. to cryo or not?

Hello and thank you in advance if you are perusing this plea for advice.

The wife and I are currently building a new home, and I will be having 5 dedicated 20A circuits run to the stereo room.

I have talked to quite a few people about what to run, either 10 gauge Romex, or 10 gauge Romex that has been cryo treated.

As you may have guessed some lean one way, others another. I will have to move fast, as the builder will most likely start the wiring in the next few weeks.

I know I will at least go with Romex, 10 gauge, solid core copper. I will try to keep the length of Romex runs very close in length (was told this will help reduce ground loop hum). I will be using Porter Ports for the receptacles. I will also see if the electrician can give me an isolated/dedicated ground for the 5 dedicated lines. (think that is what it was called...) The 5 20A lines are all supposed to be on the same leg of the breaker box, at the top... AC units, refrigerator, etc. offset on the other side.

Please advise if going with this same wire cryo treated will affect the sonics...

my system link should be listed next to my moniker.

Thanks again for the help!
If you really want isolated ground circuits (floating ground), then you will need different outlets. While Porter Ports are great, they are not isolated ground outlets. It may be a non-issue if you are using plastic boxes, but I used metal boxes and cable in metal conduit - in that case it mattered.
use the cryo. vh audio has cryo 10 ga. romex. It is a very good idea to run it to the frige for say 2 weeks anyway. The frige draws alot of current and will help break it in, I use my portable air purifer and the frige at the same time that way there is always a draw on the current. A fan will do. Benie