Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?

My H.Tech. Pro-9 bi-wire speaker cables are a very tight fit when trying to slide them up inside my B&W speaker stands. If I put some lubricant on the outside cover to help slide them through would it affect the sound of the wires? Any recommendations? I don't want to damage the casing in case of future resale.
Lubricating oils depending on composition will affect the casing depending on the polymer they are made of. Is much safer to use soapy water or better graphite instead. Hope this helps
Thanks Sol, that makes sense. Any other suggestions anyone?
Thanks Sol, that makes sense. Any other suggestions anyone?
Another one that just came to mind use talc powder ... though keep an eye on spills specially if dark colored carpeting is in use.
BE CAREFUL. Don't want to venture many guesses as to what such a lubricant would do to the parts involved. I would recommend getting some sort of contact enhancement solution and using it. It should slicken things up a bit but is designed for that sort of thing too. Before you use some sort of lubricant if you decide to go that route, I suggest you drop an email to the cable manufacterers and ask them for ideas and/or warnings.
Try french chalk, should be able to get some from a pharmacy. It is inert and will not affect anything.
I will look into the French chalk vs. talc, and check with the manufacturers first. Good suggestions! Thanks. Any more?
Sorry all, I feel like a moron. I posted about this way too late at night and thought you were having a tight connection with the ENDS of the cables (Tight terminaters). Please ignore my comment.
Why not just use a snake to pull wires through? As far as lube, soapy water since it’s the mildest thing I can think of
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Bee's wax.   Definitely pull.
I'd avoid using lubricant, if at all possible. If you must use a lube, I'd suggest something designed specifically for the purpose, such as this.
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Hopefully he’s not still trying to get his cables through the stands...
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