Help who the best?

Please give me some info on a good way to ship a pair of speakers in crates 260lb's I want them to arrive safe??
Thanks for your help.
BAX global may be the most economical and as good as anyone else. They are a shipping broker and use various ground and air freight carriers. You may have to have a business to use them but I've found their rates to be extremely competitive. Be sure to get the shipment insured and get it in writing on the quotation and on the bill of lading.

Small Moves a/k/a Vintage Transport-expensive and careful.
Get a trucking company who will put them on a skid and ship them that way from point to point. My Aerials went across country on a skid and even the boxes were perfect.Bax global is very good .
My advice if you are shipping a long distance, first make sure that the seller is packaging them better then how they came from the manufacturer! Second send them by airfreight the fastest way possible so that they don;t get a chance to get bounced around on a truck for several days. It may cost a few bucks more but very much worth it. You should also open an account in your name and have the seller use your account to ship the item that way the insurance claim is in your name and not theirs.

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Make sure you put them on a skid/pallet as mentioned above.
Check, I have used them a bunch and found
it to be the safest & cheapest way to ship. It's dock to dock ground shipping, just check the website under
"locations" and see if it works out for you & the person
recieving the speakers.

Example...I shipped two Polk SDA SRS 180 lb ea. and it cost
BAX global is very good