Help? Who is this non-US custom-order spkr mfgr?

Help please?
I ran across a web-site of a NON-US speaker manufacturer and am trying to relocate them. I THINK, but not sure, they were in the UK. Definitely European though and NOT U.S. or Asian.
NOTE: You could pick from THREE different quality levels of drivers (good, better, best) and also from THREE levels of quality in the x-over. There might have been some cabinet choices too, but I distinctly remember the driver & x-over choices.
There was an order page that also showed these choices.
I don't remember if they had DIY kits also but they definitely made completely finished speakers, to order.
It is NOT ATC, Acoustic Reality, or Wimslow.
If anyone knows who this is and can point me to their site with the link, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all and happy listening!
I think you mean Living Voice. As you go up the line the cabinets stay the same but the drivers and cross-over change. Good review in the current issue of Hifi+ magazine.
Jond, Thanks but that is NOT it. The manufacturer I'm talking about has an order page. On that page, YOU get to specify the level of quality of the drivers AND the crossover.
Thanks again Jond.
Anyone else help please?
Perhaps this page will help jog your memory: . Can't stand the pop-ups but it has a very comprehensive list.

Good luck,
This sounds like Home Theater Direct, although they're based in Texas (which is pretty close to the US, depending on what side you're on!)... I'm probably wrong, but I've heard good things about this company's LEVEL 3 product line in terms of it's price/perforance ratio. (I haven't heard any of it myself).
Thanks Wmcmanus but that is NOT it. The site I'm looking for is NOT in the USA, but in Europe/UK.
Help from anyone else that might know EXACTLY what site I'm looking for?

Happy Listening!