HELP Who is Herbie Nichols sp ?

Heard a GREAT new jazz recording by Herbie Nichols (sp?), et al, on Palmetto Records, but can't find out anything about it. Anybody got a name and a source for this perhaps-outstanding effort? Thanks. Ernie
Herbie Nichols was an excellent jazz pianist, composer who lived in New York. Although he was very much into bebop, he didn't hang out with Bud Powell, Thelonious, or the other bopsters. He worked mostly with "swing" -- even Dixieland -- musicians. Died ca. 1963 and was about to enter oblivion, when his memory was rescued by A B Spellman in "Four Lives in the Bebop Business." One of the truly underrated jazzmen; congratulations, you've got excellent taste in jazz.
Mosaic records did a box set. Don't know if it's still available though.
I agree with rdbamberg, Herbie Nichols is one of the many highly underrated jazzmen. Many only recognize names like Davis, Coltrane, Mingus, Rollins, etc., when jazz is mentioned. The up side to that is that you should be able to find his original LP's at a decent/affordable price.

And, yes, you do have good taste! Sorry that I can't help with the recording you mention. Maybe a search on Palmetto Records?
There's a 3CD box set still in print as far as I know. I bought it as a gift for a friend one year ago at J&R Records in NYC. I believe the label is Blue Note. Great stuff from a vastly underrated pianist. The track "The Third World" is incredible. Get it before it goes out of print.
The Blue Notes do contain his best work, and that 3CD set at J&R is a good deal. I have most of his Blue Note stuff on Japanese (nice) and French (noisy) vinyl. I think I'll get that 3CD set.

On Palmetto, I don't see a release by Herbie Nichols himself, but by a group of musicians who call their collective "The Herbie Nichols Project." They also have recordings on Soul Note, which reminds me of a great record (also on CD) that came out in the '80s by a group headed by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and trombonist Roswell Rudd, both of whom played with Herbie Nichols. One side has some music by Herbie Nichols and the other side has music by Thelonious Monk. Lacy and Rudd have both subsequently released, separately and together, CDs featuring Nichols compositions and have been among Herbie Nichols most vociferous champions.