Help: which Von Schweikert models are current?

I'm a bit confused here. Looking at different sites where Von Schweikert products are mentioned, I cannot make out which products are still available and which are not. Even the Von Schweikert site is not clear about this. I'm interested in the VR4 JR models, but there seem to be:

Anniversary VR4 (succesor of the Mk II?)
VR-4 GEN III Special Edition

Now, it looks as though the Gen III Special Edition is the current product, but the Mk II is the one still listed on the VS site. I will visit a dealer soon and ask him, but since most of you are in the country they come from (US) maybe you know what the deal is with these VR-4 speakers?

I'm not 100% certain but I think that the Vr4 models that are in production now are VR4SRmkII and VR4Jr Anniversary or Jr mkII.
Check out the used pair of Vr4SRmkII thats up on audiogon now for around 4200 dollars,should be a very good deal if you have the room for such a speaker.
I recently bought the VR5Anniversary and its an amazing speaker!
teh VR4 Gen III and Gen III SE are NOT current.
This is the list of current Von Schweikert Speakers;

Visiun Signature
Unifield One
Unifield Two
Unifield Three(soon to be released)
VR-4 Anniversary
VR-5 Anniversary
Thanks. I also heard this from their the distributor. But it seems the Anniversary doesn't come until July/August this year, so there are no VR-4 available (except the bigger SR)... Well, I must be patient.
I'm sure it will be worth the wait!
I hope so. I was told the VR-4 models were manufactured in China (that did the casing), and the quality of the work occasionally left much to be desired, which caused a lot of rejects. But the Chinese sold those rejects as original Von Schweikert speakers!! So, there must be lots of those out there in peoples homes, not knowing they have a less than perfect product. Things came out when unit stock levels did not match Alberts stocklists. So he flew to China and took all left units back with him and searched for another case manufacturer. Lets hope they do a better job than the Chinese!
All new JRs now dubbed the 4 Anniversary and Signature models are US made. Bye bye China. I have a reservation in for these and I suggest anyone interested tell his dealer to do the same. I heard them at CES and must say that while I wasn't loving the source and amplification, the Anniversary Signature is wrongly named. It should be called the VR-5 JR because that is precisely what they sounded like.
@Jack: I take it that's a compliment? :-)