HELP- Which SS amp for HT to match VAC tube mains?

I just acquired a pair of VAC Standard 220 monoblocks to mate with Talon Raven C's. Though the 'jury is still out' on the VAC's, they will replace a Sim Audio Titan 5x200w Solid-state amp that currently drives all of my 5 speakers - the Ravens, a Talon Falcon C center channel and Martin Logan Stylos surrounds (basically ML Aerius i's mounted on the walls).

Though there is definite synergy between the Sim Titan amp and the Talons, I simply can't justify keeping this exceptional 5-chnl behemoth JUST to run the center and rears for Home Theater while the VAC's drive the fronts all the time.

So, I am looking for recommendations from THE NOTED EXPERTS (namely, you AudiogoNNers!) about which Solid-State 3,4 or 5-channel amp would be a reasonable sonic match to the VAC's KT88-based 220 watts for multi-channel audio while providing the dynamics, headroom and explosiveness needed for Home Theater.

As this is ONLY going to drive the center and rears from an EAD TheaterMaster 8800Pro processor, I have narrowed the search as follows:
-Balanced inputs/design
-Reasonable size, heat output AND price (~$1000-$2500 used)

Here are some models that seem to fit the bill:

--Bel Canto eVo4 - Expensive given my price range, though small size & cool-running - I could bridge 2 chnls for the center, use the remaining 2 chnls for surrounds, What's the sonic character like???

--Bel Canto eVo6 - Same as above, yet even more expensive - Bridge all chnls for 3x360wpc, Probably overkill??

--Parasound Halo A52 - Good price & size - No bridging possible, Don't need all 5 chnls, Supposedly kinda warm-sounding = good match???

--Anthem MCA-30, -50 or -5 - good prices & size - No bridging possible, Don't need 5 chnls, Understand they are on the lean side of neutral, Maybe a poor match???

--Classe' CAV-180 - Good used value, but BIG chassis, No bridging possible, Don't need all 5 chnls, Traditional warm Classe' sonics??? Rumors of unreliability???

WHATCHA THINK, GUYS?? Is this doable? Did I blow it regarding total system synergy with the tube amps? If needed, I will post the rest of my equipment.

How about a Bryston 9B SST? 5 ch, 120wpc, THX certified. Plenty of power and headroom for center and rears. Around $2000 used.
Tvad - Thanks for the suggestion.

Guess my question doesn't warrant more then one public response...

Anyway, I have used Talons and Martin Logans with both Bryston 4B-ST/5B-ST and Pass Labs X-250/X-3 combos, and have not had the best synergy with any of these amp/speaker pairings. I have tremendous respect for these product lines, but unfortunately, I found that both speakers need an amp with well-rounded, deep, sustained bass to sound their best. The Brystons and Pass seemed too reserved and controlled in the mid- and lower-bass regions to make the speakers sound full and warm. This is where the Sim Audio amp clearly won out with the Talons IMS.

Though this is certainly less of an issue with Home Theater center & rears, I still want to shoot for the best match for these speakers that I can find for the price.

Anybody else have experience with the models I listed or any other suggestions?????
Hey Bob,
Why don't you just keep the Sim Titan along with the VAC if room is not a concern? You already have it and like it, and you never know when you might need the extra channels.
How do you like the VAC match?

My VAC's were one of the very first pairs made. They were one of 3 demo pair used to introduce the model at CES 2003 in the VAC room. So, they are going back to the factory soon for the latest upgrades that are now standard equipment. Kevin Hayes said the upgrades notably improve sound quality and broaden their flexibility in accommodating a larger range of speaker designs. He is also going to install the Balanced input option at the same time, so I will reserve judgement until they return in full battle trim. I would say that - so far - I am quite impressed.

As for the Sim Titan, I don't really have room nor can I justify a $6000 amp to run center & surrounds. However, it will stay here long enough to allow me to do some critical comparisons with the VAC's when they return.