Help, which preamp to buy from my shortlist?

Looking to buy a "near vintage" preamplifier. Between these, which of these do you recommend based on experience (sound quality and build quality)? Or which of these wouldn't you buy based on previous experience? I like all of these based on price, condition and compatibility (input & output impedance, etc.) but can't decide on one (or even two). My source is strictly line level (computer based with DAC).

Nakamichi CA5

Kenwood L-07 CII

Bryston 0.5

Forte F44

PS Audio 5.7

PS Audio 7.0

Meitner PA-6i

B&K MC-101

B&K Pro 10 MC

Quicksilver Remote Preamp (latest 6DJ8 version)

Cary AE-3 (standard, not signature model)

Audible Illusions Modulus L1

Sonic Frontiers SLF-1


I bought the Sonic Frontiers SLF1 last year and have greatly enjoyed it, fun rolling tubes and as every review says, the world's greatest remote!  I don't have experience with SQ with any other preamps on your list, but the SLF1 in my room doesn't sound too different than using my DAC's preamp capability, DAC being bel canto 3.7.   I really wanted multiple balanced inputs to easily A/B DACs and needed balanced output as this was the main reason for buying a pre, to move all gear except amp to a side wall, which meant a 15'+ run from rack to amp.

Best of luck, let us know what you pick!

Even though its not on your list, I recomend you seriously look at the PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier. Provides a lot of features and great sound.

As Joey54 said above, it's hard to make a recommendation without knowing what amp you're using.  Also what speakers you are using is worthwhile information as well.

For SS, I'd take the Meitner.  I recently had the Museatex AVC1 and it was truly amazing!  I auditioned a Meitner PA-6 many years back and loved it as well.

You can't go wrong with a tube preamp either, but knowing the rest of your gear is imperative as this hobby is all about system synergy and matching.  So let us know what else you have please.

+1 on the PS Audio BHK Sig Pre. The tube input stage makes all the difference. 

Roll in the right NOS vintage tubes and this pre, at least in my system, punches well above its weight. 

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