help what is the current bestbang in PC audio ?

hi ! i´m a newbee in pc audio

what do i need in general for a decent digital setup everything what i need between ripping to chinch outlet. (12ft)

i work with foobar/EAC - any lossless options ? how is itunes ?
i have a rme adi-2 dac / think about upgrade to altmann dac

is 12 ft a problem (all cables-no lan) ? which cable ?optical ? tends audio ud-10 via usb?

please recommend some bestbangforbuck gear/software/how to do


iMac via Firewire to an M-audio Audiophile DAC. It's the most enjoyable listening I have ever done with digital. I use iTunes in lossless, and my collection is currently at 600Gigabytes on an iOmega 750G hard drive. Sounds better than any CD player I have had, including a Wadia.
Flac files on NAS storage sent computer-free to Sonos system. Digital out to Benchmark DAC directly to Sim Audio Moon W-6 monoblocks to Totem Mani-2's.

The Sonos controller can't be beat. Every song/file at my fingertips instantly. I don't use a preamp in order to use the Sonos volume control. One remote = instant music. Walk into a room, cue up music and BAM!

Using a pc sounds like a step back for me but for others it's the only way. To each his own! I wouldn't want a laptop siting on my legs in order to change my music selection.
Here are a couple of sites that sell prodcts you may want/need, but also provide a ton of info to help you get up to speed:

Empirical Audio

Wavelength Audio