Help What do the buttons mean on my Sumo Tuner

I just got a Sumo Charlie Tuner, but there isn't a manual,thus I need help with a few functions on the front. If someone has a copy of the manual I would pay $10 for a copy.
A) Blend - Does the green light mean the Blend is on or off?
B) Filter- Does the Red light mean the filter is on or off? Is this a high or low filter?
C) Narrow- Does the Red Light mean the narrow is on or off?

Thank You for your help!...Jerry
The Yahoo Group "SAE_Talk" has the Charlie Tuner Manual in its "Files" as a downloadable .pdf file. You'll have to join the group to gain access, but that's simple to do -- I just did it to check to make sure it's there and that the descriptions of the button colors *is* in the manual.
Thank you Rushton! I downloaded the manual..You're a Gem!
You're most welcome, Kaleidakol. Glad it was available for you.