Help wanted re tube

Recently the sound level on one of my speakers dropped below that of the other. By trial and error I tracked the fault to my tube based CD/SACD player. I decided to try changing the tubes. One tube was an 6H3ne for which I had a spare but the other was  a GE 9 pin tube marked LN188-5 and 6829, a tube I am not familiar with. Can any of you tube experts out there provide any info on the tube and on which tubes might be compatible? 
The 6829 is a variant of the 12AT7.  It shouldn't be hard to find one.
Read this thread before going to a 12at7.  Yes you can substitute but th.e results may vary  Try tubesandmore dot com

Thanks for the info. As I didn't have a 12at7 available I stuck in a Miniwatt 12ax7 I had laying around. It seems to work perfectly, has solved the imbalance problem and seems louder, though that probably is because of replacing 10 year old tubes with new ones
I suggest you order a new 6829. Per the provided link, the gain is 47 compared to that of 100 with a 12AX7.

Not an equivalent tube.

None of the tube sellers I have tried, including the links provided have 6829 tubes. Until I can find one or two the 12ax7 seems to be working Ok despite the difference in gain. 
I would not consider the 12AX7 to be a long-term solution. In addition to the gain difference, various other parameters are vastly different than the parameters of the 6829, including "plate resistance" and "transconductance." Also, the maximum power rating ("plate dissipation" capability) of the 12AX7 is significantly less than for the 6829.

Basically, as I see it, that substitution amounts to incorporating a significant design change, which is not usually a good idea without having detailed knowledge and understanding of the entire circuit.

The 12AT7 is a much closer (although less than perfect) match.

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There is a sleeve of 5 6829 GE NOS tubes on ebay for $18.
Thanks for the help. I bought the tube of 4 so now waiting to see how good they are.
Good move jumping on that sale. As @almarg  so correctly stated, using the 12AX7  should only be a temporary fix.