HELP WANTED Paradigm Monitor series pricing

Relatively new to high end audio world... Listened to Paradigm monitors at a dealer and really liked them. There is a guy in my area selling used ones for the price below... The L/R's are V2 and centre channel is V3 so they are somewhat old. But he says they are lightly used and never moved, so I am going to check them out. I have no idea if this price is right for these older versions and if any Paradigm pros know about any shortcoming of these versions... Let me know.

3 speaker set + SW = $700

Paradigm Monitor CC-370 V3 Center Channel
Paradigm Monitor 7 V2 Floor Standing Tower Speaker Pair
Paradigm PS-1200 V3 Subwoofer
That does seem high, the monitor 7v2 is at least 11 years old, the others 8 or 9. I have the Monitor 7v3 and the 370v3, and though decent, I think you can do better than that price.
Hi Minothor! In my oppinion, I'd go for something in thier Studio line, not monitor. The monitor 7 v.2 is a good speaker it's just that the studio series is better (more detailed and open sound). I see Monitor 7's come up for sale quite often (TMR Audio has a pair for $275.00 and my local craigslist has a pair for $225. There is also an ad on my c-list for a bunch of paradigm monitors from that era. For example, there's a listing for a pair of 9se, a pair of 3se and a cc 350, everything for $350. I personally picked up a pair of Studio 40's V.4 for $500 in perfect condition with boxes.

I think the $700 asking price is way too high.
55-65% of original retail for these speakers in excellent condition is reasonable, but you will need to determine original retail. I have a pair of 3se's, and I can tell you that they are superb sounding speakers. Yes, the Studios are "better," but they also have a treble that can be a bit too revealing for some.
The v2s are from the mid/late 90s
BoJack, I agree about what you said about the studio's having a bite to the treble; I think thats why I can't live with them fortoo long. The 3se is a great little speaker. Owned a pair when I was 12, 23 years ago!