Help Wanted: I Need A Remote Control for EDGE G2 PreAmp

I have an Edge G2 Preamp, but no Remote Control.
I have an Edge G8 - Edge G2 system.

I would like to purchase a Remote Control or help to fabricate/create/program a remote to operate the Edge G2 preamp. Or, any other method to remotely control the Edge G2 preamp, i.e. coding with a universal remote, etc.

Edge is no longer an actively functioning company and sourcing a remote from them would be extremely difficult. Same with Maker.

I also need the operating manual for the Edge G2 preamp.

Anyone with information on how to make this possible would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Logitech makes universal remotes for a lot of equipment. I think you can go to their website and see if the Edge equipment is in their database.

Some years back I had this issue with Bryston. Their remotes were outrageously priced but the Bryston equipment were in the Logitech data base. So I cloned a Bryston remote with a Logitech universal remote which worked like a champ and saved me hundreds of bucks.