Help Wanna Buy Amp Tomorrow : ARC VS BAT

Please help! I want to buy amp and preamp tommorow !
Righ now i used : scd1,335,380s,mezzo utopia,ultra balanced,XLSS speaker cable and PS 600.

I want to upgrade with all tube because i've heard that if you want to heard MUSIC used tube !! SS for hifi !! (is that right ? )

My choice so far ARC vt100mkIII with LS25mk2 or BAT vk75se and vk 50se !!

Which one is better ? and how much the different with my SUCK solid states ? ( I'ven't heard Tube at all )

Please give me the nuetral advice because i'm tired to losse money with always change equiptment !!

Or how about another type or even product, don't worry about my budget as long as i can heard real music !

Thanks for all information !!
Well I have the ARC components you are talking about and I am totally satisfied with them VT 100MKIII and LS 25 MKII. Everyone that hears my system says it is really something special. I can't imagine anything being more musical.
Thanks, for your information.
What cable and speakers do you have ? What is/compare with your amp/preamp before ?
if you are tired of losing money, then stop soliciting advice and listen for yourself and buy what sounds best to you. One mans garbage is anothers mans gold, and vice versa.
If you want great sound from tubes (not great tube sound)
and budget is not a concern then go with ARC ref2 mkII and the ARC ref 600 mkII amps. This should stand up to anything out there.......good luck!
go to BAT ,better match with your speakers.
I recently too got rid of my solid state amp (Levinson 331) and replaced it with an Audio Research VT-50 and I am now enjoying music at a completely different level. I have heard the VT-100 Mk.II in my system but felt the smaller VT-50 worked better in my rather small listening room. I just did not need the extra power. I don't think you can go wrong with the Audio Research gear. Listen for yourself and good luck...
Your current gear is very nice stuff. What about the sound do you not like? You may not need to replace all of it but if you do I would suggest one piece at a time to see exactly how it affects your sound. I find it hard to recomend replacing the 380s but if you are looking for the tube sound start with a good pre-amp. To stay with the caliber of the 380s I would say at least an ARC LS25 MKII or Ref 2...whatever the current model is. Good luck.
I have the Bat combo, transparent cable and I use Wilson speakers. You can't go wrong with either, both are top notch. They are just going to sound a little different.

IMO, BAT, to me, is more listenable, the ARC, is just a little cool for my tastes.
They are both excellent companies with excellent products. The BAT's you are interested in are quite a bit more expensive than the arc's you compare them to: $16,000 vs $11000. I think the BAT SE equipment is more transparent, but ARC equipment seems to have a fuller body and sense of power. Speaking of, the vt100 has 100w vs the bat at 75w. I know my vt100 has been able all my speakers quite well. Excellent dynamic drive for a tube amp.

I think the BAT SE preamps are much better than the ARC's. I have not heard the new ls25m2 though.

I'm running a vt100m2 with a bat vk-5i to great result. I'm going to put some NOS tubes in it and see if that improves things further. I put some svetlana kt88's in the vt100 and they give it a little more transparent midrange and warmth.
I think your choice of speaker, Utopia will be better with BAT. All balanced connection and design also adds performance. The ARC, even high-output ones tend to have more 'cardboard' cut-out sound stage, very wide, but short of depth. BAT has believable depth, and the extra richness in instrument timbre.

BTW, I have owned the best sounding ARC, which is the Classic 30, very low power though. Also own the ARC PH-3. I have also tried BAT VK50SE, and right now keeps the VK5 (big difference in money obviously). I go with full balanced in my system. ARC product until you go to the 'Reference line', are 'balanced connected', but the circuits are not true balanced design.
I'm also using the LS25mk2 and VT100mk3 combo and must say it's quite enjoyable.Have owned ARC equipment for nearly 20 years and probably allways will.For me,they do the job.Whatever you're decision is,you'll find that tubes sound more like real music.Good luck........