Help Wadia wt2000 tray's paint

Help, the paint on my wadia wt2000 tray look so ugly after all this year,(anyone know how to refinish/restore it)
Many many thanks
I've had my WT2000 since new (almost 20 years!) and it's been to the factory once (for the transport upgrade) and to Steve Huntley at GNSC for a lube & oil change. It's as clean as the day I bought it. What exactly is the problem with your tray? Is the finish worn off, did you scratch it, did it stain, what?
The paint worn off badly, probably because of the humid weather that I lived in. I remember it used to be gray color suede like finish. But now it is like brown color/clay like texture, the paint start to come off bit by bit and see the bare aluminum.
Do you know the kind of paint that Wadia used.
Many Thanks
I don't want to guess what the best procedure would be, so I recommend you call or write to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Company
Steve was in charge of Wadia's service department when the WT2000 was in production, so he would be able to help you.

You will most likely have to send the unit to him, since it will probably require disassembly to refinish the tray.

Many Thanks again