Help w/speaker choice

I currently have a Denon AVR4800 receiver which were previously hooked up to a pair of KEF 104/2s and i liked the sound. The speakers were on loan from a friend and I had to return them when I moved from California to Hawaii. Now I am trying to decide on some replacement speakers and, because I live in Hawaii shipping from the mainland is prohibitively expensive. I have been able to locate a few used speakers for sale here in my price range(under $2500.00) and was wondering if I could get some input from other forum members. At some point in the future, I would like to start experimenting with separate components, tube amps, etc.
My main choices at this point are between a pair of Joseph Audio RM 25 mkii Signatures($1500) and a pair of JBL L300 Summits in excellent condition ($2500). I'm also thinking that I could get something light like a set of Quads or smallish speakers here including shipping for under $2500 but the two speakers above are already here in Hawaii. I'm reluctant to have a pair of KEFs shipped over here since the shipping would be as much as the speakers cost and I'm thinking that the JBLs or the Josephs may be better speakers anyways.
Hello, I was in Hawaii awhile back and I believe that there is a dealer there that sells Thiel. I.M.H.O. None of the speakers you talked about can compare to Thiel. JBL and Josephs are entry level speakers Thiel is highly thought of. You will need seperates as Thiel will show weakness's in a system but why throw good money away. You could get a pr. of 1.6' for that price or maybe some 2.3's. Check out the reviews at Stereophile or at But the MOST important thing is what YOU think sounds best!

Good Luck!
how big is your listening room?
It's about 24' front to back and about 30 feet side to side but is actually open to the dining room and kitchen on the right side for about another 50 feet.
Rsa, I have to question your opinion of Joseph speakers as being "entry level." How so? I can't speak from firsthand experience, but every review I've ever read of them extoll their superb sound and sophisticated engineering (i.e., infinite-slope crossovers and driver design). It's my impression that they are very highly regarded in the high-end community. Could you elaborate?
Man,thats a big room. I just don't know anything in the price range that will fill it, The speakers I was going to reccomend would be for a smaller room.
Thiel with that front end ouch! Really depends on what type of sound are you looking for. Here is a good primer
I'm in the wideband high efficancy camp and love it. Zu Druid and DHT 2A3 for me. They are in your price range and will slam with your Denon yet provide a terrific upgrade path. I've had 10 amps before finding paradise, every thing from Pas Aleph 30, tri path, pp el34,audiozone gainclone, tried mosfet ss and now pp2a3 Melody which is really special. Me I'd go for the Summits. Vintage JBL is like have investment in gold. Those Summits will fill your room with 10 watts. The Joesphs are nice but very different. Not my cup of tea. Life like dynamics is, for me the key. I saw a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls for 375 in Honolulu, a few upgrades and a nice 20 watt tube amp and presto! Your speaker budget alone would cover a whole system. But and a big but, depends on what you like and want, it may take years of tinkering to find out. Heck I could easily live with some quad 57 and Quad ll amps but I know I'd miss those big dynamic peaks I get with the Druids the Quads do other stuff that is very special, never ever heard a bad word on Quads. Heck in that room some Klipsch cornerhorns might sound nice, again with a good tube amp. And RSA, you are right the Joesphs quads or JBL summits, don't compare, the Thiels are just not in there league, a local dealer is always tring to push them on me and they just don't do it for me and everyone who loves them always says the same thing... " you just didn't have the right accompaning electronics" well I hope that the dealer could provide that, but no. Just do not have the involvement that comes with DHT tubes. Which can't be used with the Thiels. Now the Zu you can power off your cell phone and sound good( ok I've gone to far) really it all depends on what sound you are looking for and what future considerations are taken into account. Good luck and as always have fun with this crazy hobbie.
Second the Klipsch but look quickly (cause at 375 the Cornwalls won't last) for some Kornerhorns. Then get a tube amp. That's no room sir, that's a Venue.