Help w/setting up b&o 8000 tt

I just got a b&o 8000 tt and love it. However I do notice a little distortion especially when the track gets loud and there is a lot going on. I set it up per instructions @ 1 gram. It is 25 years old or so, but I wonder if I need to adjust the weight? It came with the 20 cl cart.
I would also love to convert it to take regular rca cables, anyone know how to convert from the crappy b&o only cable plug in to rca plugs? I want to convert the tt, not just splice into the b&o crud cable.
I had an 8000 series for short time, awesome rig. But I needed to have it worked on, and didn't want mulitple tables if they were both all around pricey.

I suggest you check with Sound-smith. If you need some work done they are really the only place I know of with the expertise to do it, and actually once they do a rebuild, it sounds better than it ever did from B & O.

That's such a cool table, enjoy it.