help w/ preamp to 5.1 receiver hookup

I purchased a conradjohnson pfr with a processor loop but can't figure out how to run my home theater receiver through it. I love the preamps musical abilities but would like to watch dvds using the same main speakers. I have a five channel amp also. A lot of threads talk about how great this is but nobody goes into enough details for me to figure out how to do the hookup. Thanks in advance bwd
You can not hook it up thru a reciever, in order for you to use the processor loop of the preamp you will need to get a separate hometheater processor unit if you want to keep the same two channels set-up and watch HT at the same time. But most separate HT processor with DD/ DTS ( 5.1 & 6.1 ) would be a lot better than a receiver but it will also cost a lot more too. Good luck
Doesn't the manual tell you what to do? Can you ask a CJ dealer, or email to the website? While I do not own this piece, nor run a 2-ch pre along with a receiver or pre/pro, I believe you connect your "audio" sources (CD, phono, etc) into the CJ, while your "video" sources (like DVD, DSS, etc) including the audio portion/connectors run into the receiver. Run your main pre-outs from the receiver into the CJ. Of course, the CJ outputs already go to the amps driving your mains. I agree with the above poster if your receiver does not have pre-outs for the main L/R channels. You might want another opinion or two confirming this before you try it, though. ;-)
I also have the PFR and an Adcom 3 channel pre/proc/amp which runs center and rears. In my case the Adcom has a video and an audio input section and an line output section. I hook the front line out on Adcom into the EPL In on PFR. The audio In on Adcom goes to EPL out of PFR. This is in accordance to Adcom manual. I suspect the manual for your Surround receiver may tell you how if possible. CJ also has great tech service. Hope this helps.
as the above comments infer, i don't tink yule be able to use yer receiver unless it has pre-outs. if it does, then it should work as described above...

good luck, doug s.