Help w/ new speaker search

Hello all,
I'm currently searching for a pair of main speakers with a max budget of $3k-$4k (though $3k would be best). My wife would prefer that I get floor standers. Even though my pre + amp support HT, this system is used primarily for 2 channel music listening.

My components are:
Rotel RSP-976 (5.1 pre)
Rotel RMB-1075 (5x120W)
Rotel RCD-1070 (source)

I am limited in the available brands of speakers close to me. Here's the list of speakers that are up for consideration. Please help me w/ insights/opinions and any advice on what to look out for.

Spendor S9
Revel Performa F30
Dynaudio Contour 1.8 Mk II
Totem Forest
Aerial 6

My living room opens to the dining room + kitchen, but the living room dimensions are:
23' 8" L
12' 6" W
8' ceilings

The fronts of the speakers can likely only be 3' 5" from the back wall, if that helps.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me with some feedback.
Are you thinking New or Used? You could probably "Extend" the Quality of the Speakers by getting "Good" Used ( from maybe Audiogon here! ). I would try to Add to your List : Avalon Acoustics ( go to : ) - Rave Reviews on their Speakers ( for Quality and Sound ).
I have a pair A.A. Arcus (demo), I've had for about 2 years ( I'm SO Impressed with them ), for there size and $, I tried others but I feel these are the Best in that price range, ( I bought for: $4500.00 - retail: $7000.00 ). Give them a listen and good luck!
Easy, there is a pair of Silverline Audio speakers that just came on Agon. Buy them and do not lopok back.

Silverline Audio La Folia's
Asking $4100.00
New Retail $8000.00

Have fun auditioning speakers!

You will benefit by adding (at some point) a high-quality 2-channel amp, and leaving the RMB-1075 for just the surround channels.
May I suggest Vandersteens.
May I suggest an underdog...the Polk Audio Lsi25's. MSRP is $3K, but you can get them shipped to you for around $1,830, if you dig around the net. See my review on AudiogoN, if interested, and TAS wrote them up with a hugely positive review. 20 Hz to 27 KhZ, full-range floorstanders.
I personally prefer Shahinian and Quad loudspeakers. As your ears alone must decide, I suggest you add Meadowlark, Magnepan, Soundlab, and Buggtussel to your short list. John Marks who is a fellow Shahinian owner likes Aerials also. I suspect then they are very promising. Listening and deciding is half the fun.
The new Alon Lotus Esprit is $3000...check and give them a call!