Help w/ my new large room

I need advice on what to do. I previously had a very small intimate listening room and have just moved now to a very large open room with vaulted ceilings. I want to set up my system but it's funny to even think about my current speakers in this new room! Room is like 15'x27' open at one end, with vaulted ceilings. Here is my current system:

-Linn Tukans!
-Linn Majik integrated
-Meridian 200 transport
-Meridian 263 DAC

I'm thinking of selling the Tukans and getting something bigger for my new big room, as it's funny just to see the Tukans in this room. I need to fill this room with sound. I don't want to downgrade in sound,as the Linn set-up sounds really great in a small room. Also, I don't want to spend much more than $500-600 (used is fine) for right now. Is this a good move?

Any other ideas, I'm open to any opinions!!!Thanks
Set them up and hear what they can do (and can't do). Maybe a good used sub that you can use with them when you want to get loud.

They should sound better in the larger room. You will not get help in the bass freq. that you are used to...but you will gain in the soundstage and image department. Of course if you try to force high spl's to make up for the loss of room gain in the bass freq. that you were used to...they will go brittle at the high freq's.

Your budget limits things.You maybe better looking for a good sub first and going with it until your budget permits a bigger speaker.A room filling big speaker with deep base would be the PSB Gold's (though there are better mids out ther it's boig room fillign speaker with deep bottom end.Stereophile reccomeded class B for years.But used expect to pay $1200.But a gighly musical sub would be the $1200 new $750 used Vandersteen.Not the deepest sub for the bucks but uses m,ultiple drivers that are fast and very pitch accurate.Uses a crossover where they if you hook it up to the spaker oputputs of your amp like they reccomend it responds to the whole ouput of your amp a better sounding way then line level RCA inputs which just low passes signal.You have nice equipment and they deserve better than waht you can get for $500-600.With the sub you can look for better monitors when your budget permits and even folks with decent floorstanders will keep the sub to fill out a big room with the last two octaves that are missing even with a lot of floorstyanders.A decent pair of relatively inexpsive bookshelfs are the B&W 602 used ($600 new $400 used)Youroptions with the sub as a first step would give you bass that your room can support and allow you to look altter for something else as your monitor.I meanwhile they will fill out your Linns.