Help w/ my Eichmann Bayonet Plug Replacement

I just broke the shaft off my new pair of Eichmann speaker cables with the bayonet plug. Can anyone walk me through the steps towards repairing this. I have some solder experience. Thanks.

Sorry to tell this to you but it would be way better to replace the plug. Repairing will be very difficult and soldier would not hold it firmly enough.

What have you done?

Van Den Hul makes very good pins, spade & banana plugs for DIY fitment.

Best regards,
Dewald Visser

NB- you can try taking the cable and pin to an engineer-shoppe and ask their opinion - maybe they can tap a small hole into the place of the plug (were the pin used to was) to insert the pin by screwing it in...
Dewald, thanks for the advice. I didn't mean I would resolder the broken piece, I meant that I could resolder a new plug. I have since went to the Eichmann web site and they have instructions there to help. The Music Box/Gear Shop is sending me a replacement plug free of charge. Thanks again.