Help w/ finding replacement drivers for my AR9s

I own a vintage pair (circa 1982) of Acoustic Research AR9 speakers. Recently, two of the driver stopped functioning. I am hoping that someone can help me locate a:

* 0.75” soft dome tweeter and a 1.5” soft dome, semi-horn upper midrange driver.

I remember a place called Layne Audio, plus there's gotta still be a store on EBay that's called something like "Vintage Parts" (or "VintageAudio" or "Vintage AR"?) that has this stuff. I haven't used these places myself so please don't take this for a personal recommendation, but I do vaguely remember reading about them a while back.
Thanx, I tried Layne Audio but got a "phone number out of service message". I tried eBay but not with Vintage as a key word. Wish me luck.
That eBay seller's moniker is "vintage-ar". His real name is Larry Lagace and he is an excellent resource for AR parts and systems. He is very knowledgeable and friendly, he has helped me several times and once saved me from making a big mistake. He would be the one to contact.