Help w/connecting sub via RCA to Plinius int. amp.

I've recently ordered a Dynaudio Sub500 subwoofer which can only be connected via a single RCA cable. It is not apparent to me if my Plinius 8200 Mk2 integrated amp has inputs that can utilize the RCA cable suitable for hook-up of the subwoofer. Can I use the "Processor" jacks on the rear panel of the 8200 Mk2? If yes, do I use the "source" or "return" jacks?

If the "Processor" jacks are not an option, can I use the "Pre-Out" connection?

Also, assuming I can use one of the jacks from either the Processor or Pre-out jacks, do I need an RCA splitter cable going into the integrated amp... or is one single cable acceptable?

I've emailed Plinius for help, but have not rec'd a response.
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Disregard.... Plinius emailed me and told me that the only good way to connect this sub is via an external processor.