Help w/cables for ss amp, etc...?

I've been reading a lot of posts lately regarding cable choices (power,IC,speaker) and it seems the feedback is mostly from tube owners but I'm particularly interested in hearing from those of you who have ss amps at the heart of your systems as I suspect the cable choices may be different in some cases. Please, more experienced audiophiles , your feedback !

My current IC and speaker cabling is custom made from Tom Tutay who many of you probably know. I like the Tutays better than the older Tara Labs ICs (Spectrum equivalents) and Blue Jeans Cable speaker cables which I initially had in my system. Now I feel the Tutays could be better/acheive more.

My current PCs are stock and wanting to upgrade them is what started my search. I've been trying for some used Audience PCs but missed the most recent offerings here on Audiogon. I'm also considering the Audio Horizons Transparent Cable PCs which would be the same price as the used Audience PC but brand new. Also I have a couple of PorterPorts on their way to help with the AC source.

I have a Bel Canto eVo2i integrated, Arcam FMJ CD-23, Marantz ST-17 tuner and Dynaudio 1.3SE Contours on custom Sound Anchor stands and listen to a wide variety of music at a low-medium volume.

I like the best-bang-for-your-buck approach to budgeting for these things. Your advice is appreciated !
The short answer is to keep trying cables until you find what you like. Cable preferences, and the amount you spend on cables, will vary greatly from person to person. Search the posts here at at Audio Asylum and you will find more than a few evenings of reading material. I am one who believes cables do make a difference, but not to the level of an equipment change. On that basis, I generally look at spending a maximum of about 10 to 15 percent of the system cost on cables. Of course, that could be affected by the length of your cable runs. In your case, I would start with some simple Audio Asylum power cords using Volex SJT 14-3 power cable, and simple non-gold plated Marinco or Hubble plugs and iec's, or simply buy the same cable with molded plug ends. For other power cord choices, look up the VH Audio website. I like to use copper speaker cables and interconnects (using preferably solid core wire) with SS equipment. Inexpensive, easy to terminate, and good sounding cables can be made using Canare star quad cable and any one of a number of good spade connectors. If you need to bi-wire, use a single cable for HF and one for LF, connected together at the amp. If you can't solder and don't own a suitable crimp tool, use the Furutech spades which use set screws to torque down on the wire. Personally, I like Cardas cables and use Golden Cross (speaker) and Golden Reference (interconnect). Cardas Cross is good at a more entry to moderate level. I also like Sonoran Plateau cables that can be purchased relatively inexpensively here used. You will probably get a lot of other suggestions. Good luck.
I went with quite a few Audio Horizon IC cables. I love them. I went with all top of the line and had some custom split cables made as well. I had some difficulty getting exactly what I ordered but they were terrific in getting the right stuff out to me asap and very cool about payments.I believe a great value.If you look on some old threads you will see my listing asking people the very same question as you have. Good luck. ken

Thanks Mitch2 and Kenbo. I've read some wonderful things about Cardas as well as Audio Horizons. The other possibility is VH Audio (Chris VenHaus) and the Flavor 4 PC and the Spectrum Cu IC. Lots of very favorable press and a nice long trial period (sixty days, I think). I suppose the success of any gear choice is determined by all of the system/room specifics and how, ultimately, it helps one enjoy the music. Should be simple right ?

Kenbo, did you get the AH Transparency Interconnects ? Glad to hear they're reputable and easy to deal with at Audio Horizons. What's in your system ?

Mitch2, if I was able take the time to DIY I would but I'll just have to rely on the experience of others until I try 'em out myself. Thanks for all the info, though. I'll check out the Cardas and the Sonoran Plateau Cables. From Tuscon maybe ?

More feedback is welcome and appreciated !
Jeff, the Asylum power cord and Canare speaker cable projects are very easy DIY starter projects, inexpensive, and you may find you need to go no further. The VH Audio stuff is also relatively easy to make.
HI, I just sold off some Cardas Golden Ref that I replaced with Nordost SPM that are now Audio Horizon.My motivation was going to Monos that required long runs that I just didn't want to pay for.My gear: Theta Casablanca III with extreme DAC,Esoteric DV 30, BAT 1000 monos,Theta Dreadnaught II for center and surround (bi-amped for center),Aerial Acoustic 20T fronts,SW12 subwoofer.CC5 center and I am awaiting Thiel Powerpoints 1.2 to replace Aerial 5's for the rears.Nordost Red Dawn speaker runs which will be my next project.Aud Horizon made me a terrific split IC for my bi-amp. System sounds great!
I meant DV-60 for the Esoteric. sorry.
Kenbo, WOW ! That must be a great listen in the sweet spot .... enveloped by the music .... ah-h-h the music .... Thanks for the list. It really helps me visualize the cable(s) relative to the overall system sound. And especially interesting is the progression from cable to cable. Interesting.
To be honest I wasn't going for anything other than transparency went I got my IC's for the monos. I was just so impressed with the feedback I read and really impressed with the pricing that I felt "What the hell" and just bought them without any audition. Absolutely no complaints!The real question is do I do the same with my front speaker cables? I don't know. If I fell into a great price on short Valhalla's I probably would succumb.