Help w/ amp for ML Requests

Am buying pair of Requests. My current VTL Compact 160 Monoblocks probably can't drive them well. Please help with
good reasonable amp selection, tube or ss, $3-5K. Key word is reasonable.
I have Quest Z's and have tried several amps. The best, by far, was a BATVK500 with BATPAK, using Transparent bi-wire. You can pick up one of these used for around $2700, in fact, there was one listed today here on AudioGon. ATB, Jeff
You need an amp that can handle very low impedance loads. While the loads aren't as low as the original Quests, they are still go fairly low. Couple that with a dynamic woofer that can kick in when the panel is producing a very low load and you can have quite a demand for an amplifier. So, you don't need huge amounts of power, but power that can double down to 2 ohms. There are two brands of amplifiers that come to mind: Krell and Levinson. Some of the Krell amps can be harsh with the panels, but virtually everything in the Krell line (except the KAV products) will drive these speakers very well. Levinson is smoother, but can also be darker (particularly the older gear). I have heard the ReQuests with Reference 20.0 monoblocks, 27 (I think that is the right number it's the 100 watt stereo amp), and 331. All of them sounded fantastic. I prefer the Reference 20.0, but that's really a personal preference. The 331 was actually more lively than the 20.0. Lastly, do as Jeff suggested with bi-wiring. These speakers definitely benefit from bi-wiring (not all speakers that are bi-wire capable do).
I have a pair of M-L CLS II which also present a very difficult load. I've had excellent results with both CODA and a Threshold amps. Threshold went out of business and is back again, but it isn't the same company, so service could be a problem. I found the CODA to be cleaner in the mids and highs. Both are smooth and can totally control the M-L.
Have you tried the Rotel 1090B - I have - it was recommended to me by my audiophile friends - at first I was not a believer - but in the December issue of Stereophile - 1999 - this Amp was reviewed - and I bought it before the review. - Very musical, sweet and powerful. Also stable to low loads - check out the 1090 on Rotel's web site - very economical at $2,000.
My Request are being powered by a BAT VK500 and it does the job. Good bottom end on the subs, great mids and highs. Solid state that you can listen for hours without listening fatique. As Jeff posted I recommend that you bi-wire.
Thanks for input. Has anyone used or heard Innersound's ESL amp supposedly designed for ESL speakers ?
Definately don't buy ANYTHING until you'ver auditioned the InnerSound.

It brought my reQuest "to life", ina natural, organic kind of way that is so far unsurpassed by all (6-8) amps i've tried.

Best of all is the more than reasonable price.
The Innersound will do it !
I am using a McIntosh MC352 for each speaker with MIT shotgun biwire. Works great for me.
If you consider the InnerSound, look at the Coda - both are designed and made by the Coda-Continuum Group and very similar in appearance and sound.
Rgodin, you have your facts wrong. Although Coda does in fact manufacture the Innersound electronics, Roger Sanders of Innersound is the designer. The Coda uses different parts has a very different circuit design. The Innersound amp is designed with electrostats in mind, unlike the Coda.
Before you get rid of your VTL's try tubes on the stators and a solid state amp on the woofers. I have run CLS's in a full range mode with a variety of tube and ss amps. The power requirements of ML's are not as demanding as often described. The impendance dips (1.5ohms) on my CLS's occur at high frequency, which is no problem. I'm not sure of where the impedance minima is on your Requests, but if it is at high frequency it's not a big deal -- not the same as low impedance on sub-woofers for example. Impedance *swing* is the biggest challenge (at least with full range esl's). Tubes generally handle this better than ss amps. In my experience, ML's really open up with good tube amplification. Lastly, bi-amping should be a much more attractive economic proposition given the fact that you already have very good amps and can pick up an adequate ss amp for the bottom end at a reasonable price. Give your VTL's a try before assuming they don't have enough grunt. Good luck.