Help=Vienna Beethoven&Sonus Faber GP

Help = Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker vs. the Sonus Faber Grand I own Sonus Faber Electa Speakers and am trying to decide on purchasing either the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker or the Sonus Faber Grand Piano speaker. The system is in my living room with the BAT VK-D5 CD Player and Bow Wazoo Integrated amp (amp change possible, prefer not unless needed). Speaker size is a major concern so they need to be small (like the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker). I am willing to go up to $5K (if needed, under 4K is preferred). I heard the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker with the Plinius 8510 amp. They were musical, great on vocals, sound stage okay, etc and I liked them. The Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano speakers were also very musical, open and seemed to involve me more in the music than the Beethoven. This is a very difficult decision and I do not want to make a mistake. I am thinking that the Grand Piano maybe the best choice but I really cannot decide. I am scheduled for more listening this weekend. Any recommendations one way or the other?
Sounds like you're wanting the Grand Piano. I say, try both in your home if at all possible. I hope you have at least minimal room treatments. You should consider the Paragon Acoustics Radiant, a much better value at $2850.
Hi, I have the Vienna Acoustics Mozarts and am preparing to upgrade myself. My room is a too large for the Mozarts to produce enough authoritative bass response to fill it adequately. I have heard the V A line and am very impressed with Beethoven's. If you call Sumiko in Calif. they can give you some very specific info on the new design the Beethoven speakers underwent recently. The Bee's produced the smooth midrange I enjoy so much with the Mozarts and cross just right with the higher freqencies. I think they did an excellent job with the crossover in these speakers. The Bee's lower octave response was dynamic and decisive. They need more power to drive them to their fullest as they present a more differcult load. If I had to pick at a negative it would be the woof to mid XO point. I was told the speakers needed to be broken in a while longer. The imaging was a bit clouded at some of the lower transient passages. Really only detctable with critical listening and only on certain tracks. I have just heard the Sonus Farber Electa Amator II but not the G P's. These monitors put out a hell of a soundstage. I was surprised at the depth and width produced considering the size room I was in at the time. If you ever get the chance, give a listen to the Mahlers, those are my pipe dreams, Good Luck...........
I have heard many of the Vienna Acoustics models and some of the Sonus Faber models in an excellent environment with good electronics, (Harvey Audio NYC). They both have the ability to involve you in the music and they both have shortcomings. To generalize the Viennas' have a bigger soundstage and the Sonus Faber more detail. It is dificult to compare speakers with so many uncontrolled factors. I was fortunate to be able to listen to both brands for over two hours in one sitting and for many other shorter sessions. I found that the Sonus Fabers seem more robust on first listening but that the Viennas' were much less fatigueing in the long run. If you like the Grand Pianos I suggest that you try the Ariel Acoustics Model 6 or the B&W 805s' with a REL sub before you lay out the cash. Good luck. Let us know how things work out.