Help - Verdier La Platin manual

Just received my pre-owned Verdier La Platin today with no instruction manual.
Anyone out there that has one please e-mail me @ or fax me @ 917-464-8786 - Hope it's not in French.
Thanks & regards
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Anyone out there that has one please e-mail me @ or fax me @ 917-464-8786 - Hope it's not in French.
Thanks & regards

NOT in French?

How will your turntable know what to do? It doesn't understand English :^).

I will fax you the manual for La Platine and the diagram to convert the motor from AC to DC.
Any questions E-mail me, I just bought mine a few months ago and it sounds great.

Good luck

Send an email through Agon to member Buyersum, he seems to be either a Verdier dealer or perhaps the US importer. I'm sure he can probably help.
There's nothing to it.

1. Drop the platter onto the spindle. Magnets should be prealigned if you have bought it secondhand. Drop some oil with the provided syringe into bearing - access via small allen grub screw on top of platter adjacent to spindle.
2. Level up the plinth and platter by using the 3 screws on the plinth.
3. Mount arm onto armboard.
4. Attach armboard using long bolt and washer provided onto plinth (pre drilled).
5. Align the spindle to arm pivot distance, by adjusting the armboard using the bolt.
6. Set up your arm and cartridge as per normal.
7. Place the motor housing next to the TT and attach using linen thread loop (handtied with a knot - precise length not really an issue). Move the motor housing away to provide tension in drive thread.
8. Plug in power, hook up to phono stage and switch on.

It's much easier than setting up a suspended deck eg Linn, Thorens etc. If you want the DC battery supply, either contact Thom at Galibier or Graham Tricker at GT Audio (
Hi Guys,
Got it & got everything set up.
Thank you all very much - Especially Mike in Vancouver BC.
Best regards
There's nothing to it.

Drop the platter onto the spindle.

length not really an issue.

although the Platine is simple to set up, i would not advise any new Platine owner with these quotes.
with everything beeing stock and using the thread i would advise to keep the thread length as short as possible.
the ball should just touch the platter without carrying any weight.
to achieve this with the stock Platine is quite a job.
yes by all means go DC. it is easy conversion inside the motorhousing.
i experienced best results with 18Ah total.
other topic goes deeper into the Platine.
keep 'm spinning and congrats with your Platine.
check out our tips & tweaks PDF:

keep em spinning.